This recognition in the list of TSPs reinforces the legal validity of VIDsigner electronic signatures for the entire territory of the European Union.

EIDAS Qualified Trust Service Providers (TSP) are those responsible for assuring the electronic identification of a persona or company by appropriate means, in order to issue a digital certificate or electronic seal.

Thanks to the European framework, a citizen in France can, for example, use their certificate issued by an authority in any European country to prove their identity at an event in Germany, for example.

What are the trusted services recognized by eIDAS?

The EIDAS 910/2014 regulation defines as trust services:

  1. The issuance of certificates for electronic signatures (signature by person), electronic stamps (signature by the entity) and website authentication.
  2. Signature / stamp validation services.
  3. Timestamp services.
  4. Preservation services of electronic signatures/stamps and related certificates.
  5. And registered electronic delivery services.

This recognition in the list of TSPs by the European framework endorses Validated ID for the issuance of qualified electronic time stamps, and we keep moving forward to help more companies to close their transactions with electronic signatures.

Qualified trust service providers are identifiable by a trust mark, as shown below:

These qualified service providers may do so directly or through third parties recognized by law.

To obtain this certification, the companies listed must prove to use sufficient technical and legal measures to carry out the identification of the signer.

What authentication factors does VIDsigner use?

VIDsigner’s digital signature services collect as much evidence as possible to ensure electronic signatures in compliance with signature standards. In this sense, the timestamp is a fundamental element in the factor collection process.

In addition to the timestamp, VIDsigner uses the following authentication elements:

1. In the case of the biometric digital signature (VIDsigner BIO) we only use calibrated Tablet devices to guarantee that they capture the signer’s biometric elements (trace speed, pressure, …). We do not use devices without these basic guarantees, to ensure quality, legal certainty, and a reliable calligraphic assessment.

We also ensure that these devices are accessible in terms of retail prices.

It is also important that the document can be read entirely on the device to guarantee compliance.

2. In the case of the remote digital signature (VIDsigner Remote), the legal value of the e-signature is based on the quantity and quality of the evidence it collects:

  • Signatory email address.
  • The IP address from which operations are executed.
  • Mobile phone number where the SMS is received with the signing key.
  • One-time signing key (OTP).
  • The graph made on the device.
  • Geolocation.
  • The browser from which the process was carried out.
  • Single-use certificate.
  • Timestamp.
  • Long-lasting signature.

3. For our certified signatures (VIDsigner Centralized, Stamper, and Smartcard) we ensure the safe custody of keys and certificates in HSM and enable the use of advanced or qualified signatures if this requirement exists.

Validated ID Team