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Security during the processes

One of the major challenges facing insurers and financial services is to introduce digitization into processes that still coexist with paper situations such as hiring or claims management.

VIDsigner 's electronic signatures provide high technical and legal security while improving customer and agent interaction, multiplying the results of customer engagement and onboarding campaigns. Through electronic signatures, brokers can also achieve immediate closure of documents such as health questionnaires, insurance policies, legal protection agreements for personal data, medical reports, SEPA mandates, among others.

Examples of the use of digital signatures

Opening of accounts, charges, contracts, purchase orders, loan and/or credit applications, and transfers, among others.
Coverages, medical authorization forms, change of address and/or account, accident history, premiums, and power of attorney, among others.
Internal and external audits, approval of invoices, agreements with contractors, non-disclosure agreements, and new hirings, among others.

Advantages of e-signatures

Send and receive documents faster
Electronic signature allows you to immediately receive signed agreements and schedule an alert if a signature
is pending.
Sign documents from anywhere
You can send a document directly to the signer's smartphone. The system requests two-factor authentication to verify identity.
More professional, safer
Any document signed with VIDsigner's digital signatures is encrypted to the highest international standards.

An integrated service

Gestoría Guiral
Using VIDsigner for both face-to-face and remote digital signatures has significantly improved our administrative processes and services. It facilitates interaction, avoids customer displacement, saves time, increases benefits, and promotes sustainability.
Guiral Advice & Management Manager
Thanks to VIDsigner, we were able to face transformation and remote working in purchasing, accounts, HR, claims, corporate and international departments in an accelerated way. The return has been immediate in time and costs.
Francisco Javier Rivas
CIO Uniteco
We have greatly expedited the signing of the company's core processes (issuance and extinction of policies, NDAs...) and reduced the workload.
Rafael Olcina
DPO Mutua Levante
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