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Electronic signature of informed consents and other relevant documents in health and social service centers
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The digital signature in the health and social sector

Many documents are still signed on paper in the health centers every day. With a digital signature, you no longer need to print, scan, or physically accumulate paper anymore.

The VIDsigner electronic signature service guarantees maximum legal certainty and allows patients and medical staff to feel more comfortable with the digital process.

Key facts and numbers in Healthcare

+ 70
+ 1500
+ 5M
Signatures per year
+ 4000

People come first

VIDsigner is an electronic signature service that improves the relationship between the professional and the patient and simplifies obtaining the informed consent in healthcare institutions through the handwritten signature.

We simplify the process so that the signer is comfortable when he is signing the document. The patient only needs to read the informed consent and sign on the same device. We will take care of the technological complexity that allows this process to be converted into a legally robust electronic signature test.

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Digital signature for healthcare

Digital signature of informed consent
and more

VIDsigner responds to the needs of the healthcare sector in obtaining informed consent from patients and doctor approval, allowing simultaneous use in the same document of both biometric signature and electronic signature. A flexible and safe solution for both parties through an electronic document.

VIDsigner's signature service also allows to responding to both face-to-face signature processes and acceptance of data transfer and registration, as well as to mobility signing needs for social workers, telecast assistance, etc. Every usage scenario is covered through our biometric, centralized, remote and electronic seal signature solutions.

We guarantee that the patient can see what is being signed (WYSIWYS).
We offer the highest level of compliance and legal certainty.
Enables cost reduction: print savings, physical archiving, shipping, process time.
Service provider neutrality and responsibility guarantee.
Reduces the possibility of errors such as loss of information (paper) with a qualified electronic signature.
Improves patient experience

Our partners in the health and social sector

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An integrated service

Consentimiento informado
Group AdmiraVisión
As an eye health center, years ago, we decided that our patients should sign their LOPD (data protection) digitally. Thanks to the entire Validated ID team, the integration process was a success: we have completely forgotten about paper and have great ease when making any changes or updates.
Judit González Martín
IT Director
Consentimiento informado
Bonton Medical Group
The biometric signature represents a significant advance in our document management, allowing us to streamline processes, reduce the use of paper and improve efficiency in the care of our patients. We are proud to have this technological solution for continuously improving the quality and safety of our health services.
Enrique Palmero
Director of Technology at Boston Medical Group Mexico
Consentimiento informado
VIDsigner BIO is a fundamental component of our service, which maintains more than 1,300 informed consent models developed by health defense experts.
Jose F. Ruiz
Global Legaltech Director "ElConsentimiento" Ds Legal Group
Consentimiento informado
Instituto Bernabeu
Validated ID has allowed us to simplify the process of collecting signatures from our patients, avoiding the printing and subsequent digitization of all these documents. Our interaction with the patient has greatly improved in an agile and efficient way.
Felipe Perez Jimenez
Consentimiento informado
Con VIDsigner, nuestros clientes, centros médicos y de salud, ganan tranquilidad y seguridad integrando la firma digital biométrica en sus consentimientos ya que al ser centros médicos y de salud, cirujanos, psicólogos, etc Este punto es de suma importancia para ellos.
Xavi Alvarez
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