VIDsigner DOCS
VIDsigner DOCS is a multi-channel electronic signature service to send to sign and manage all your documents from a single digital platform.
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What is VIDsigner DOCS?

The VIDsigner DOCS platform is an electronic solution for document signing process management with VIDsigner multi-channel electronic signature service. All of your digital documents can be sent, managed, monitored and stored from anywhere and on any device. Furthermore, VIDsigner DOCS allows you to create recurring and sporadic signers, create document templates, run batch processes, set reminders, and much more.

VIDsigner DOCS is easy to use and involves no infrastructure, deployment or maintenance efforts.

This solution, among other things, allows you to view the status of all your documents, including when they were sent, who signed them and when they were signed. Using the search and filter features, you can locate the exact document or signatory you need, and all your documents will be filed legally so that you can answer an audit or public request.

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Combine VIDsigner DOCS with any of our partner's solutions

VIDsigner DOCS is designed to manage all electronic signature processes independently, but it can also be a perfect add-in tool in combination with any of the specific solutions already integrated by one of our partners

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Multi-channel electronic signatures VIDsigner

Sending your documents to be signed has never been so easy and fast. The VIDsigner DOCS platform allows you to use and combine all the VIDsigner signature types, you just have to choose the signature channel that best suits your needs.


Handwritten signature for face-to-face scenarios


Evidence-based signature for remote scenariosfor remote scenarios


Signature with certificates storedin HSM


Electronic stamp for automated processes


Certified electronic communications

3 ways to send documents to sign


Sending a document to one or several signers.

In batches

Sending several documents to a signer.


Sending a document to multiple signatories.

Main features of VIDsigner DOCS

Speed up your company's performance and save money
Centralized documentation information
Management and storage of documents signed or to be signed
Different permission levels for user creation and role management
Attachment of additional documents to the main document
Management of templates and forms
Custom notifications
Delivery scheduling
Dashboard / Control Panel
100% Saas. No implementation project or maintenance
Real time monitoring of the digital signing process
Organization of documents by labels and folders
Signatories database
Sending documents in bulk and in batches
Legal evidence report
Scheduled notifications / reminders
Access to all documents at any time and from any place or electronic device
Multiple formats (Word, Excel, Power Point and PDF)
No infrastructure requirements
Send, sign, manage, monitor and store your documents digitally with full legal segurity on the VIDsigner DOCS

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