Agility and security at check-in

Hotels are increasingly turning to technology to enhance their services and stay competitive in the industry. To meet the varied needs and preferences of guests, it is important to offer agile and secure check-in and check-out processes. Biometric or remote signature systems not only add value to the brand but also save costs and improve the overall guest experience by reducing waiting times at reception.

VIDsigner responds to the needs
of the hotel sector

Our service ensures that the signer can view what they are signing, known as WYSIWYS.
Our system eliminates the need for physical filing, printing, shipping, and waiting time, ultimately reducing costs.
We reduce the possibility of errors or loss of information
We maintain the highest level of compliance and legal certainty, providing peace of mind.
We guarantee neutrality and assume responsibility for our service, minimizing the risk of errors or loss of information.

Some of our clients


We have earned their trust

The operations and IT departments, with the backing of our management, have decided to implement VIDsigner. This signature is primarily aimed at travelers who need to sign in during check-in, but we may consider extending it to other purposes in the future.
Isabel Gili Durán
General Director of Operations, Hipotels
Practical cases


Reservation confirmations
Commercial hotel reservations
Expense report
Audit reports
Time and attendance records
Check-in forms
Privacy regulation
Travel policy
Terms and Conditions
Consent forms
Visa applications


Privacy Policy
Refund policy
Commercial lease by the lessor
Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
Employment agreement
Convention on part-time work
Collective agreement applicable to contractor and subcontractor companies
Cooperation agreement
Register and optimize your agreement collection process

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