With over fifty years of experience, the HIPOTELS chain is a family business synonymous with quality and excellence committed to the lasting value of well-done things.

Hipotels Hotels & Resorts
Hipotels Hotels & Resort

The HIPOTELS brand's priority is achieving maximum customer satisfaction through high-quality service. For this reason, the company's strategy is to renovate its establishments and incorporate the latest trends in all areas at the hotel level.  

HIPOTELS has 28 establishments, including three, four, and five-star hotels and apart-hotels, located in Mallorca, Cádiz, Lanzarote, and Cancún.

Why did HIPOTELS decide to ride the new digital wave?  

More and more hotels are joining the trend of offering their guests the best experience. Travelers seek flexibility and digitization in their stays, as well as fast check-in and no waiting at the reception.

The growing need to innovate and reduce waiting lines at check-in is crucial to improve the guest experience and achieve a positive impression from the first face-to-face contact.

This requires a technological combination that allows efficient management of the workflow and reception staff that offers an optimal check-in service that meets the guests' expectations.

To continue improving and providing a global and satisfactory signing experience, implementing the electronic signature in the check-in process was considered.

The hotel chain analyzed several suppliers that would allow them to differentiate themselves and adapt to technological changes and that would provide benefits such as:

  • Legal compliance: Ensure the electronic signature process complies with regulations and laws.
  • Customer experience: An easy and intuitive electronic signature process considering accessibility, response time, intuitive design, and compatibility with mobile devices.
  • Information Security: Information security is critical when implementing electronic signatures. It is essential to protect customer information with encryption and two-factor authentication.
  • Integration with existing systems: ensuring that the electronic signature system integrates seamlessly with existing systems, such as the reservation system and client management software, and mandatory electronic file creation
  • Cost: Implementing electronic signatures can require a significant investment of time and money for development, implementation, and staff training. Considering the associated costs carefully and evaluating the potential benefits before deciding is vitally important.

VIDsigner electronic signatures at the reception of HIPOTELS hotels

With a clear commitment to technological and digital transformation, Hipotels Internacional has decided to rely on VIDsigner technology. This Validated ID electronic signature solution offers greater legal certainty, easy integration, and the best prices.

By integrating the VIDsigner digital signature with the Avalon software, HIPOTELS has made it possible to streamline the processes of signing the travelers' register using the VIDsigner biometric signature.

With VIDsigner, any user with a smartphone, computer, or tablet can sign a document simply and agilely, 100% online and without queues or waiting, from anywhere. In addition to being a very intuitive system that does not require user experience, this solution provides the maximum legal guarantees of a qualified trust service that complies with the requirements of the European eIDAS regulation. It guarantees that the documents are subject to confidentiality, security, and protection.

VIDsigner digital signature‍
VIDsigner digital signatures

With digital signatures in the check-in process, the reception staff can use the time saved in tedious tasks in other more productive activities. By eliminating the need to print, distribute, and collect physical documents to sign, front-desk staff can focus on providing more personalized service. In addition to reducing the amount of paper used, a more sustainable and environmentally friendly practice is promoted.  

State-of-the-art hotel experience

By reducing the average check-in time, the guest obtains a better service and experience in the hotel. It also frees up physical space and saves on the consumption of paper, toner, and electricity supply, thus improving operational efficiency.

In addition, the chain's reception team 100% endorses this change and appreciates not having to file all the paper documents that require a signature.
 With relocated signers in different parts of the world, agreements have been completed in less than 90 seconds.

"From the operations department, together with the IT department and with the support of the general management, we implemented the digital signature. Its usability is for travelers who must sign at check-in, but we do not rule out expanding it to other uses".

Isabel Gili Durán, General Director of Operations

HIPOTEL currently has more than 40,000 documents signed satisfactorily by customers, managing to reduce the waiting time at check-in for customers.

It is a clear example of how technology and innovation positively impact hotel management, which benefits guests, staff, and the environment.

Validated ID Team