Electronic signature for commercial agents
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Agility and better results

VIDsigner 's signature solutions allow companies to close agreements quickly, multiplying the possibilities of attracting partners and customers.

With VIDsigner, teams can focus more on the relationship with their customers and less on the signature collection process. In addition, VIDsigner's electronic signature solutions integrate easily into any platform and enable faster transactions, achieving mobility solutions for any company.

Easy to send and sign

Streamline processes
VIDsigner is easy to deploy, and allows any computer to use it with ease, without the need for prior knowledge.
VIDsigner's different signature types allow you to send documents to anyone with a PC, tablet or smartphone.
Sign with security
VIDsigner guarantees a trusted electronic signature service for individuals and companies to control their transactions.

An integrated service

Working with VIDsigner has simplified many internal company processes that were previously complex and time-consuming to execute. It is a practical and easy-to-use tool in Human Resources, sales, and legal processes. Undoubtedly, it is an option that offers world-class benefits to its clients.
Mauricio E. Ramírez R.
Digital projects specialist
ASKORA uses Validated ID for digital signatures on employment-related documents for our 500+ staff. This has improved our employee experience and environmental sustainability by reducing travel and paper consumption. Validated ID's support is personal and responsive.We are very happy with their service.
Alberto De Alvarado
RH Director
Despite complex moments, all requirements were met, and the tool was implemented on time and within budget. Our sales team has greatly accepted the new tool, and it allows us to monitor the status of contracts in real-time.
Philipp Dicke
Managing Director of Flokk in Germany and Austria
We needed a customer-oriented, integrated digital signature process. The result is what we expected: comprehensive and complete, and the integration has been successful.
Alberto De Alvarado
Director of Corporate Marketing, Nexus Energy
We looked for a solution that would allow us to be connected at all times. We've not only achieved our financial goals but also incurred in time savings for both our customers and our employees.
Alejandro Tejero-Garcés
Director of Gashogar
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