The Spanish energy company Nexus Energía adds the electronic signature as a guarantee of commitment to its marks of identity: 100% green and 100% transparent.

Nexus Energía is a company specialized in the commercialization of electrical energy and natural gas. The producer of renewable energy has a presence in Spain, Germany, Portugal and Mexico and is currently the 5th independent energy company in Spain as well as the leader in the representation of photovoltaic energy with a share of around 40% of the entire market and almost 18,000 represented plants.

Nexus Energía
Nexus Energía

The public sector is one of the group's market niches, currently supplying energy to a large number of consistories and public entities in Spain. Another major segment is the domestic one, for which maintaining the commitment to its marks of identity is essential: a commercialization which is 100% green (environmentally sustainable) and 100% transparent.

The Yellow Energy is the group's marketer - 100% green and serving both domestic and commercial demand as well as small businesses. It has a highly technological management model through its digital platform and markets under the brand Esfera Luz, although its technological model has expanded to other joint ventures through other brands.

THE CHALLENGE: Establish a registration process based on excellent customer service

Nexus Energía is committed to applying a personal customer service touch and understands the need to integrate a digital experience which enables them to eliminate the need for paper and brings more efficiency to existing processes.

When implementing the electronic signature process, the approach was simple: the group wanted to ensure a consistent and consonant implementation with digital validation by the customer regardless of the platform from which the operation was executed.

"To ensure a fast and efficient registration process which could be executed directly on their web or from the internal CRM platform, we needed an integrated digital signature process, which was customer-focused and ensured the validation by the final customer".

Alberto De Alvarado Noriega,
Director of Corporate Marketing

THE SOLUTION: Electronic signature with VIDsigner to ensure speed in online services as well as security and adaptability on any given platform.

In its previous analysis, Nexus Energía valued VIDsigner’s ability to provide a comprehensive development along with full legal security and reliability. The option offered by Validated ID stood out through its legal reliability as it ensures that clients can see and understand exactly what they are signing as well as the ability to collect evidence to ensure the identity of the signer. Due to this, the resulting electronic signature is not only as good as a handwritten one on paper, but even better and more complete.

The group also brought attention to the following features of the integration process with VIDsigner:
  • Efficiency: Integration via REST API was simple, thanks to understanding, mutual work and "speaking the language of the final customer," as Alberto de Alvarado mentions.
  • Agility: The remote signature allowed Nexus Energía to automate a secure evidence collection system for the online signature process, while guaranteeing full security thanks to the double validation via email and OTP (One Time Password) which the customers receive on their chosen device.
  • Adapted to the employees and the final client: The signature process was simplified for the group's employees by integrating it into their usual work process. For the final customer, the signing process turned into simply carrying out a few clicks on their chosen device (PC, tablet or smartphone).

THE RESULTS: The experience of the customer improved and the online signature process transformed positively

Today, Nexus Energía manages an average of 550 new signatures per month through the group's services, which means a saving of almost 5,000 sheets of paper. Thanks to the success of the digital signature’s integration, more and more departments are being incorporated and a total of 7 brands is already managed by the service of VIDsigner, as Alberto De Alvarado explains.

Firma digital VIDsigner
VIDsigner digital signature
The result is what we expected: fully integrated and complete we can say that the integration has been a success. The platform provides a service across all the brands, making it a very interesting differential point.
Validated ID Team