It is essential to have a clear understanding of the reliability and security of electronic signatures, as well as the legal framework that governs them. In this e-book, we highlight the top 10 reasons why our VIDsigner signature is considered the most legal, both nationally and internationally.  


We are a Trust Service Provider Qualified by the European Union and regulated by the eIDAS Regulation and other international standards, such as ISO 27001, ENS, ISO 9001, and HDS
Regulations VIDsigner: eIDAS, ISO 27001, ENS, ISO 9001 and HDS
Regulations VIDsigner: eIDAS, ISO 27001, ENS, ISO 9001 and HDS

Validated ID is a European Union Qualified Trust Service Provider. VIDsigner, from Validated ID, is a reliable multi-channel electronic signature solution that complies with the eIDAS Regulation and the strictest international standards (including ISO 27001, ENS, ISO 9001, and HDS) . It offers a range of advanced and qualified electronic signatures adapted to the most demanding legal and security requirements.

VIDsigner adheres to various legal frameworks and regulations, including Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 (eIDAS) and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) in the EU. The GDPR (GDPR) regulates the processing of personal data of great relevance in the generation of electronic signatures in electronic signatures. In contrast, eIDAS holds electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market.  

In addition, VIDsigner complies with international regulations such as the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), which legally recognize electronic signatures in the United States.


VIDsigner is a long-term digital signature PAdES-B-LT (Long Term Validation of digital signatures)

VIDsigner makes it possible for the signature verification to last over time. That is, it guarantees that once the signatures have been made, the documents are technically validatable in the long term by any person, regardless of the provider intervening in their preparation.PAdES is a digital signature format for PDF files with restrictions and extensions to guarantee validity over time and its durability in the face of technological advances. B- LT captures and saves the certificate signing date and time, allowing for future verification even if the certificate is revoked or expired. 


With VIDsigner, all the evidence generated during the signing process is self-contained within the signed document

A notable distinction of VIDsigner is that, in addition to delivering an audit report to the issuer at the end of the signing process, the signature evidence is also included within each document. This function offers the advantage of not being dependent on the service provider in the event of a dispute.  

The evidentiary document or audit report is a comprehensive compilation containing all the details of the signing process. This includes the history of the actions carried out and the electronic evidence collected that makes it possible to defend the authorship of the signatures and their legal value in case of repudiation.


VIDsigner offers advanced and qualified signatures that integrate highly secure cryptography and biometric mechanisms and are adapted to remote and on-site scenarios

VIDsigner adapts to face-to-face and remote signature processes and combines cryptography and biometrics based on ISO standards to offer a secure way to sign documents and contracts with full legal validity electronically. VIDsigner includes a wide variety of signature channels that can be combined to adapt to the needs of each moment:

  • VIDsigner Remote: To sign from any place, device, and time in remote scenarios.
  • VIDsigner Bio: To sign by hand on a tablet in face-to-face settings.
  • VIDsigner Centralized: To sign with an electronic certificate in remote scenarios for recurring signers
  • VIDsigner Stamper: For unassisted processes, such as issuing electronic invoices or stamping administrative bodies.
  • VIDsigner E-Delivery: Provides legal proof of when and where an electronic communication was sent, received and opened.

We make sure that each signature process brings together the most appropriate technological elements for each case: from the biometric information during the electronic signature process on a tablet (speed, inclination, pressure, etc.), to the evidence collected during the formalization of a remote signature (email, IP address, mobile phone, technological environment, ...), digital certificates, time stamps and more.


Issuance of digital certificates and qualified seals

Validated ID is a Qualified Trust Service Provider at a European and national level, per the eIDAS Regulation, for issuing certificates and qualified electronic seals and time stamps.

- Issuance of qualified electronic signature certificates

These certificates are issued to natural persons linked or not to a legal entity and require proof of the holder's identity in person or by video identification. The issued certificates are centralized into our centralized signature channel allowing advanced or qualified signatures according to your configuration.

- Issuance of qualified electronic seal certificates

Electronic seals allow legal persons to seal their documents automatically and thus guarantee their integrity and origin. In this case, the qualified electronic stamps are integrated with our stamper channel, just as personal certificates can produce advanced or qualified stamps depending on the issuance and storage process.  

- Issuance of qualified electronic time stamps

Qualified timestamps allow you to guarantee the date and time a document was signed reliably. VIDsigner incorporates qualified time stamps in a totally transparent and automatic way for the user in all its signatures.


VIDsigner is easily integrated into more than 150 integrations in a simple and secure way

When selecting an electronic signature solution, it is crucial to consider its ease of use and compatibility with other applications. Also, it's crucial to ensure that your implementation has the proper integration security controls.

That's why VIDsigner is an excellent option. Both senders and recipients will find the signing process straightforward, thanks to clear instructions and an easy-to-use guide. VIDsigner is already integrated into various platforms, including SAP, Sage, Salesforce, Microsoft, and DocuWare.  

On the other hand, it is possible to integrate into any software or service quickly and easily thanks to our complete API REST. VIDsigner also offers customizable templates and pre-filled forms to streamline the signing process and save time.


We provide security, authenticity, integrity, confidentiality, and non-repudiation

For their legal validity, electronic signatures must be secure, authentic, integral, neutral, confidential, and non-repudiable. Security measures such as encryption and digital certificates protect against unauthorized access, alteration, or destruction. Biometric data and process evidence guarantee authenticity, while neutrality guarantees independence from technology, service provider, or platform. Confidentiality protects privacy, and non-repudiation ensures that the signatory cannot deny the authenticity of their signature. When choosing a signing service, you should consider the signed documents' liability and legal implications.


We integrate the SSI digital identification in the electronic signature processes through VIDwallet

The future eIDAS 2.0 is adding new features, such as the EUID Wallet, allowing a European Union citizen to access electronic and physical services while maintaining data control. Validated ID is part of several consortia that are developing solutions related to issuing and managing qualified and unqualified attributes ((non) Qualified EAA - Electronic Attribute Attestations) and signatures with the digital identity portfolio. VIDwallet combines digital identity wallet functionalities with trusted QTSP services for secure electronic transactions. Digital signatures based on identity verification systems and attributes with SSI technology offer more security and legal solidity than traditional systems.


Legal assistance. Our legal service helps our clients with any legal setback that may arise

The VIDsigner electronic signature is managed by Validated ID, which is in charge of all legal aspects and has a team of legal advisors available to its users to help them defend in case of litigation.

In case of dispute, the VIDsigner will accompany the client if necessary to prove the legal validity of the signature solution. VIDsigner's legal team has more than 20 years of experience in electronic signatures and specific training in computer security and global certifications in Information Systems.

VIDsigner is the first to be interested in collaborating in litigation cases and, therefore, it has created its own forensic biometric signature comparison tool based on the ISO standard available to any expert.

VIDsigner Judicial Process​
VIDsigner Judicial Process​


At Validated ID we offer all employees adequate and regular security training

At Validated ID we provide our employees with regular training on security and privacy in the company. In addition, we run awareness campaigns and keep our employees informed about emerging threats.

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Our more than 11 years in the industry, 3,000 clients, and 300 partners internationally, and the 30M accumulated signatures endorse us. 

VIDsigner achievements
VIDsigner achievements

Validated ID is proud to be part of this crucial step to help people live their digital lives securely, privately, and confidently today and in the future. It can help you embark on the world of electronic signatures and Self-sovereign Identity (SSI).

Our team can help you determine what type of electronic signature your business needs. Contact Validated ID.

Workshop VIDsigner digital signature
Workshop VIDsigner digital signature
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