Qualified signature with DNIe 3.0 from any Android smartphone with NFC
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What is Smartcard?

By taking advantage of the connectivity capabilities of DNI 3.0, we offer a free app that allows any person to sign with the new electronic ID card from their own Smartphone via NFC technology.

This application is designed to fit any other electronic identity document from any other country or corporate Smartcard that works with NFC. Signing with your DNI has never been that easy!

How does Smartcard work?

We'll explain it to you in 1 minute:


Qualified Electronic Signature
Sign on PC or smartphone with NFC
Enables cryptographic card
Native, no applet

What security does Smartcard offer?

This service performs a PADES-LTV (Long Term Validation) signature containing a time stamp and revocation data so that the document can be validated even after the DNIe expires.

Access and start taking advantage of your DNIe easily and for free

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