The electronic signature allows you to manage the processes of the industry
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Easy and intuitive for complex processes

Mainly dedicated to storage, transport, distribution, inventory and packaging, the logistics industry consists of a large number of processes. VIDsigner 's electronic signatures offer
a solution that processes documents without hassle or delay, resulting in lower costs, greater satisfaction by both parties
and greater efficiency in day-to-day operations. 

The introduction of electronic signature in ordering and shipping processes reduces processing times, quickly resolving problems and provides additional security in legal terms.

Benefits of VIDsigner digital signatures in the logistics industry

VIDsigner guarantees the legal certainty of its entire range of digital signatures. Through the use of high-level international standards, signed documents are guaranteed to be autonomous, ensuring their independence and durability. Electronically signed agreements can be automatically distributed to all parties instantly.

Reduces costs
Significant reduction of paper usage and therefore of physical storage space.
Thanks to the option of easily integrating the electronic signature into the company's existing software, workflows run faster.
Increases productivity
The reduced time spent on processing and signing logistics contracts allows the organization to focus on more important tasks.
Misplaced documents and paper duplication are avoided. Also, there is no need to re-enter the information manually, reducing the risk of errors.
Environmentally friendly
The elimination of paper in the processes reflects its commitment as an environmentally conscious company.
Increases end-user comfort
The documents to be signed can be sent to any device used by the other party (tablet, smartphone or PC).
Reduces legal risk and ensures compliance
Signed documents are automatically stored and secure, making it impossible to manipulate them.

An integrated service

We needed to adapt the company to a digital process and provide agility to the signature processes, regardless of the staff´s time availability. With VIDsigner we have gained operational agility and reduced document handling and administrative procedures.
Gladys Ortega Pérez
Head of Administration at Klingele-Canarias
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