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About VIDcredentials

We don’t just digitalize and verify identities; we securely manage them. VIDi is leading in the industry of Digital Identity and Credential Management and offers the most comprehensive identity, security, and management platform with VIDcredentials Studio, providing exceptional protection for all identities, across all devices, in hybrid and cloud environments.


  • Provides functionality for credentials to cover the entire credential lifecycle, including issuance and revocation.  
  • Includes an Enterprise wallet to hold issuer keys.
  • Enables the creation of custom credential templates (schemas), including the design of custom credential types.  
  • Rest API to support the issuance and lifecycle of credentials.  
  • Allows managing different credential types (schemas).


Authentication Service
For access of users to the API
Verifiable Credential Services
To create either a verifiable ID credential or a verifiable credential and verify them
Credential Request Service
To create a credential request
Credential Revocation Services
For revoking credentials and verifying revocation status
Entity Service
To allow API users to modify attributes related to an entity
Verifiable Presentation Services
For creating and verifying presentations
Identifiers Service
For DID resolution

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