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Digital signatures for any scenario

VIDsigner is an electronic signature service adapted to both face-to-face and remote situations, combining cryptography and biometrics to offer a secure way to electronically sign documents and contracts with full legal validity.

VIDsigner electronic signatures

Our SaaS solution easily integrates via API Rest with multiple software, including medical systems, records managers, and document management systems, as well as HR, financial services, sales and logistics systems solutions.

VIDsigner's electronic signature security standard complies with European standards 910/2014 (eIDAS), as well as the US regulatory framework (ESIGN and UETA Acts).
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What types of electronic signatures does VIDsigner offer?

VIDsigner includes a variety of services, which can be combined to adapt to the needs of each scenario: either to sign electronically multiple documents with a certificate, with a tablet during a meeting with a client, or by phone from where the signer is located, as well as to send reliable notifications.
We have the right solution for each scenario to ensure the highest level of legal evidence to protect the signature of documents.

What are the advantages of VIDsigner electronic signatures?

Easy integration of the electronic signature with our Rest API

Easy integration

VIDsigner's signature methods can be quickly integrated with the company's existing software through the Rest API. This allows you to sign and send documents online directly from the work process itself.
Improving processes is easier than ever with the +150 connectors available with your favorite CRM and business productivity solutions.

Digital signature integrated into third-party solutions

Partner Technology

VIDsigner is a service designed to be integrated into third-party solutions. Our goal is to add value to existing solutions, accelerating and simplifying the process of obtaining your customers' signatures.

European standards ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

Strong security

We comply with the European standards ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 for quality management systems and the handling of sensitive data. As a result, we can fully ensure the correct execution of our signature processes.

Lower cost in electronic signatures

Lower Cost

Implementing online signatures puts an end to scanning, printing and sending documents and helps free up physical storage space through secure digital cloud storage. It increases productivity and reduce environmental impact.

Full scalability

Full scalability

Our electronic signature service is designed to respond to a wide range of companies and industries. By providing them with great agility, it allows them to absorb any increase in document volume and improve performance, as response time is reduced.

Legal compliance

Legal compliance

Laws and regulations vary, but VIDsigner's electronic signatures are designed to comply with the most demanding electronic signature laws worldwide, from Regulation (EU) 910/2014 (EIDAS) to the ESIGN and UETA laws in the United States.

Maximum evidence in electronic signatures

Maximum evidence

We ensure that each signing process gathers the maximum amount of evidence possible at all times: from biometric information during the electronic signature process on a tablet (speed, tilt, pressure, etc.) to the double factor of authentication, IP, One Time Certificates and more, in the digital signature with a smartphone.


VIDsigner helps quickly transform the way you do business
Service Model (TSP) - Liability
eIDAS Compliance (910/2014)/eSign - UETA Acts
Guarantee that whatever you see is what you sign
Easy integration via API Rest
Digital certificates issued by qualified suppliers
Forensic Signatures Analysis Tool
High SLA availability levels (99.95%)
Full scalability
Notarial protected encryption keys
Integrated with multiple software
Long Term Validation (PAdES)
Biometrics based on ISO standards
Usability - Multi-device Signatures
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VIDsigner can be quickly integrated into your software's working process

Our SaaS solution easily integrates via API Rest with medical software, public administration records managers, human resources suites, as well as logistics and sales systems. Request signatures with our integrations.
It has become a powerful tool to digitally sign all types of documents and it also integrates perfectly with our solutions. It is fast, reliable, scalable and easy to use.
Alejandro Daniel
Deputy Director, Seidor Spain
idea consulting
Document management
The connection of the RPS document management with VIDsigner has been very simple and complements all the potential of RPS.
Carlos Hermida
Idea Consulting
The easy-to-use Validated ID signature system combines with the power of Exact's software for advanced document management, connecting the best of both solutions.
Emilio Sánchez

Functionalities of VIDsigner’s electronic signature program

VIDsigner BIO
VIDsigner Remote
Signature procedure
Remote with Certificate
Face-to-Face / Remote with Certificate
Operating system
APP (Android, iOS, Windows)
Web browser
Web browser
Signature type
Evidence (email, mobile, biometrics, geo)
Centralized certificates / SmartCard
Legal robustness
Long-term preservation
Digital certificates
OTC / Seal
OTC / Seal
Adobe Greencheck
Allows qualified signature as per eIDAS
In development
Homologated tablets
PC / Tablet / Smartphone
PC / Tablet / Smartphone
Trust Service Provider
API Rest
API Rest
API Rest
Integration Docusign
Integration OneSpanSign
Biometrics based on ISO standard
Yes (entirely)
Yes (depending on device)
Safekeeping of encrypted keys
Software for signature comparison
High Availability / Georedundancy
SLA / Scalable
Combination of signatures
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