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As easy and as legally binding
as signing on paper
Biometric Signature
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Sign documents with your qualified signature
by using your ID and any NFC Android smartphone
NFC eID Signature
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As easy as signing
a paper with the
same legal guarantees
Biometric Signature
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Qualified signature with
DNIe 3.0 from any
android smartphone
with NFC
NFC eID Signature

Security and Simplicity

Moving beyond the current realm of technology, ViDSigner is a comprehensive electronic signature service operated by Validated ID as a trusted service provider that adapts to each use case depending on the type of signer. Not only is the signing process made easy and natural, but legal security at the time of signing is also guaranteed.


We offer a unique experience in which both the transmitter and receiver can choose the signature method that best fits or combines their needs.

Customer satisfaction is our success

How are we different?

VIDSigner isn’t just another electronic signature solution. Find out why here.

Legal security

VIDSigner guarantees legal protection upon signing


VIDSigner adapts to every individual signer’s needs and requirements

The added-value of the service

The use of trustworthy third parties assures security, neutrality and limitation of liability.

Rest API

ViDSigner is geared towards integration, which makes it a simple and natural component to integrate


VIDSigner joins the premises of usability and technical and legal security in just one service.


Instant savings with immediate cost reduction and no hidden costs.

Europe and worldwide

Compliance with European Regulation No. 910/2014 but in pursuit of universal approval

Legal Support

The Legal Department of VIDSigner have over fifteen years’ experience in the field of digital signatures.