Implement identity protocols and connect VIDidentity users with other users and services


About VIDconnect

VIDconnect helps entities interact with users by requesting credentials with simple integration. It is compatible, for example, with the well-known OpenID protocol.

Additionally, VIDconnect implements the OpenID Connect SIOP v2 protocol that is used to exchange credentials, for instance with VIDwallet.

VIDconnect supports different flows for different scenarios, such as the same device flow (app to app on the same device) and the cross-device flow (e.g., browser to app), and implements the OpenID connect SIOP flow detailed in the OpenID Connect User Authentication Flow section.


  • An Open ID provider to support easy integrations
  • Support flows desktop to app and app2app
  • Allows the request of different attributes depending on the use case

VIDverifier: The turning point
for Credential Verification

VIDconnect requires the integration of the service, whereas VIDverfier is a standalone tool able to receive and verify credentials. With VIDverifier, anybody - users and companies - can verify credentials. VIDverifier is a web-based platform that allows individuals and organizations to verify the authenticity and validity of credentials by simply performing an authentication flow toward VIDverifier.

Can verify attributes and documents instantly and be in total control of all kinds of credentials, such as official records, academic certificates, professional certifications, government documents, and more.
Can quickly verify specific SSI credential attributes and records from a particular individual.
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