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Closing processes in the Real Estate sector requires extensive negotiations and offer/counter-offers, which are usually improved in terms of effectiveness and speed thanks to electronic signatures. With this transformation, the industry has improved the experience on both sides and eliminated the burden of paper and physical archives that used to accumulate.

By using our e-signature service, Real Estate agents have much more operational flexibility, as they are released from coordinating buyers and sellers with different timetables and geographic locations to close sale deals. Your clients and estate agents will be able to close rentals, sales, leases or deposit contracts, and accept offers from any device: mobile, tablet or PC, quickly and with maximum legal security. Also, electronic signatures guarantee full transparency for all parties involved in the process of buying, selling or renting a property.

Real Estate companies that manage on a daily basis many contracts related to their property portfolio can benefit from the integration of VIDsigner electronic signatures with SAP by getting their documents signed within the SAP Real Estate Management solution.

Advantages of electronic signatures for the Real Estate sector

Closing sales deals in minutes
Real Estate agencies that use VIDsigner get 99% of their contracts digitally signed.
Improved customer satisfaction
VIDsigner electronic signatures for Real Estate help commercial agents to communicate a rate change or receive a signed contract without the need for the two parties to meet in the same physical space.
Substantial reduction of face-to-face processes
With electronic signatures, your customers can sign documents from any device and anywhere, without having to install any software.
Possibility of integration within a CRM
VIDsigner e-signatures are easily integrated into third-party solutions, enabling better productivity and coordination.

Main use cases of electronic signatures in the Real Estate sector

Our different digital signature mechanisms cover any scenario and adapt perfectly to the needs of your Real Estate agency and your clients: whether it is a handwritten signature on a tablet (BIO), remotely with a smartphone (REMOTE), by means of a qualified personal certificate (CENTRALISED) or reliable communications by email (E-Delivery).

The most common uses of signing documents that you will be able to carry out as a real estate agency are signing contracts, reservations, down payments, purchase and sales, renting, leasings and reservations. This large amount of documents can be divided into 3 main sections: rentals, sales and purchases, and internal documents.

Within the rentals section, the main use is focused on contract renewals and end of tenancy agreement notices. Digital signatures also speed up the process for documents such as transfers of power of attorney, the registrations, cancellations and changes of contract ownership for water supply, electricity, telephone, internet connection, natural gas, etc. The number of these documents is usually considered when dealing with a large number of dwellings, each with their respective contracts for each type of supply. In this section, we also include the signing of home insurance for tenants, authorisation to request tenant references, notification of non-payments, and payment authorisations. Having an electronic signature service is a real advantage that allows you to optimise the archiving and searching of documents and makes document management a more secure process.

The second-largest number of documents that are signed in real estate agencies are purchase and sale documents where we find sales orders, contracts for the publication of advertisements in real estate portals, property visit reports, property inventories, home insurance, acceptance of a counter-offer, terms and conditions, agreements with third parties, acceptance of offers and counter-offers. Managing this list of information involves attaching a considerable amount of documentation to each property. But if we sign all these documents digitally, apart from saving paper, we obtain greater ease of access for consultation and more guarantees in terms of security.

Apart from signing documents related to sales and rentals, real estate agencies work with a multitude of internal documents of all kinds, such as financial, commercial, human resources, legal, etc.


Pioneer experiences

The implementation of the electronic signature was a great development in management. 99% of our documents are digitally signed and we have eliminated many face-to-face meetings.
Pedro Garcia
Gruppiso Real Estate
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