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About VIDwallet

VIDwallet represents an identity wallet, one of the core components of an SSI system. Our identity wallet is a smartphone-based identity wallet aiming to implement the digital counterpart of a physical wallet available for both mobile operating systems iOS and Android. VIDwallet is the first wallet that became EBSI compliant in all use cases in the compliant test.

VIDwallet facilitates users storing their data (such as their driving license, passport, vaccination credential, etc.) on their phones. All the assets, such as key material, identifiers, and personal information, can be stored and protected. This information can be used similarly to physical IDs to identify persons in in-person scenarios, like during a police check, and to authenticate towards online services.

VIDwallet acts ledger-agnostic, meaning it does not rely on a specific DLT or blockchain network. VIDwallet already supports several DLTs and blockchain networks, such as EBSI, Ethereum, and Velocity, and also operates without a distributed network utilizing the DID key method. Additionally, it does not only support EBSI identifiers but is also fully EBSI compliant with its services.

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  • VIDwallet users get complete control over their data, including identifiers, critical information, and credentials.  
  • VIDwallet stores and manages personal information in the form of verifiable credentials.  
  • VIDwallet manages the essential information of users and stores it in a tamper-proof storage, namely the mobile phone's secure element.  
  • VIDwallet provides an eKYC service in which the users can use their legal identity card or passport in a KYC process resulting in an identity credential with a strong data-to-user-binding.
  • VIDwallet securely stores personal data in an encrypted form so only the user can access it.
  • VIDwallet supports a variety of DID methods even without depending on a DLT or blockchain network.  
  • VIDwallet is EBSI compliant and listed as EBSI compliant wallet solution.  
  • VIDwallet establishes secured connections with other parties.
  • VIDwallet enhances convenience and portability.  
  • VIDwallet reinforces green growth and sustainable development.


Your identity, always protected
Take advantage of secure encryption and blockchain technology to secure your personal identity data. Nobody, not even us, can access your data.
Replace traditional paperwork
Streamline your connections by sharing trusted digital credentials. You can now quickly sign into websites and services and only share the necessary information.
Control how your own data is shared
Collect digital credentials and store them in your ID wallet, or choose which pieces of your data you want to share. You decide. It's simple.

Download VIDwallet and start testing its features using VIDwallet's demo website

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