Protection and confidentiality of your documents

Legal advisers, lawyers, and other legal professionals spend valuable time on tedious document reviews and approval follow-ups.

VIDsigner electronic signatures simplify the signing process without compromising the highest level of legal security. Through electronic signatures, professionals can also easily and quickly close documents such as customer contracts, confidentiality agreements, intellectual property, internal regulatory compliance documents or minutes and certifications of councils and boards, among others.

VIDsigner digital signatures are used by leading legal firms and have abundant international certificates that guarantee their security.

In addition, VIDsigner has E-Delivery, the digital alternative to burofax and certified postal mail. E-Delivery allows greater agility and security with lower costs. From a legal point of view, it offers, in case of dispute, the guarantee that the recipient has received an electronic notification.

Advantages of electronic signatures for legal departments

Allows you to sign documents
from anywhere
Thanks to the electronic signature, you can immediately receive signed agreements and set an alert if a signature is still pending.
Reduces risks by providing the maximum legal guarantees
The highest international standards endorse any document signed with VIDsigner digital signatures.
Improves effective communication with customers
The highest international standards endorse any document signed with VIDsigner digital signatures.
Streamlines processes and saves money by signing documents remotely
VIDsigner allows real-time monitoring of the signing process and speeds up the process.
Reduces the environmental impact
The use of paper supposes a higher energy consumption. Through the digitization of processes, the emission of C02 is reduced, contributing to the creation of sustainable services.

Some of our clients


They trust us

Thanks to the electronic signature, we have streamlined and decentralized the contract signing process while strengthening the signature's governance and security. Likewise, it has allowed us to digitize, from start to end, both the process and the documentary custody
Francesc Muñoz
CIO Cuatrecasas
We have greatly expedited the signing of contracts, avoiding both paper and physical delivery of documentation and reducing the administrative workload.
Isabel Madruga
General Counsel, Werfen

Use cases

License agreements
Non-payment claims
Lawyer fee payment
Employment contracts
Loan agreements
Confidentiality contract
Consulting agreements
Partnership Agreements
Intellectual property
Contract adjustments
Declarations of intent
Address changes
Annual accounts
Proxy vote
Shareholders meeting call
Minutes and certifications of councils and shareholders meetings
Employment Agreements and Independent Contractors
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Purchase-sale agreements
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