The Klingele Group is one of the leading independent manufacturers of paper, corrugated cardboard packaging solutions and adhesives with sites in Europe, Central America and Africa.

Klingele Paper and Packaging Group

Founded in 1920, the company has an annual turnover of 860 million €, 2.500 employees, and its market share represents the 5% of the corrugated cardboard production in Germany.  In 2020, Klingele is also celebrating its 100th anniversary. One of its trademarks has been focusing not only on the quality of their corrugated board and packaging, but also on the good teamwork within their company. And this is where digital signatures have also helped the group to create new perspectives for their future.  

The company is using since 2 years ago the service of Biometric signature on Tablet for its daily operations in Germany, Spain, and Cuba.  


The Klingele plant in Santa Cruz de Tenerife produces packaging for agriculture, fishing and the local industry, and also exports to the Klingele plants in Mauritania. As a dynamic supplier of packaging solutions and corrugated paper, they asked one of their TIC partners, Inerza, for a modern technology to solve this.

Inerza has already developed a whole portfolio of solutions for the logistics sector that facilitates the necessary infrastructure to achieve its business objectives and increase its efficiency. The ultimate goal was always to minimize costs and maximize results. And they both placed great value on sustainable processes.  

"We needed to adapt the company to a digital process and of course to give agility to the signature processes, regardless of the hourly availability of the personnel involved".

Gladys Ortega Pérez, Head of Administration of Klingele-Canarias


Through the integration of VIDsigner’s digital signature with Inerza, the Klingele Group was able to adapt their document management and agreements quickly and safely.

The process was simple, we only had to agree on policies between the different departments and the roles of the signants to start working fluently and improving the processes”, noted Gladys Ortega.


The Klingele Group and Inerza have succeeded in integrating this service to their departments and the solution has drastically reduced the use of paper, enabling the employees to spend more time on processes of higher value.

VIDsigner digital signature
We have gained in operational agility, and we have reduced the handling of documents and administrative procedures”, says Gladys Ortega.

The Klingele Group uses the
VIDsigner biometric signature on tablets daily for its operations in Germany, Spain, and Cuba. Other benefits of VIDsigner electronic signature for the logistics industry.

Other benefits of VIDsigner electronic signature for the logistics industry:

  1. Reduced costs: Specially paper loss and data storage (physical space).
  2. More efficient: A fully digital signing process integrated with any of our partners or your software system provider, speeds up workflows and reduces turnaround times.
  3. Increased productivity: Less time spent processing and signing logistics contracts allows your organization to focus on other more important tasks like closing deals and making deliveries.
  4. More accurate processing: Digital signatures ensure no misplaced documents or duplicated paperwork. Additionally, there is no need for re-entering information manually, leaving less room for mistakes.
  5. Reduces legal risk and ensures compliance: Signed documents are automatically stored and safe so they can’t be tampered.
  6. Environmental friendly: Reducing paper use has reflected The Klingele Group commitment as an eco-friendly company.
"Taking care of the details is vital when offering a quality service or product to create a good image for the customer. Having Validated ID and its digital signature service VIDsigner as a partner is a competitive advantage in the Logistics sector. Their electronic signature services allow us to respond to many customers looking for a quick and simple solution to ensure their document agreements".

Ruperto Santana, Director General de Inerza
Validated ID Team