The energy company has optimized its business process thanks to remote and biometric digital signatures.

Gashogar Energy is a Spanish electricity and gas distributor based in Zaragoza with over 50 years of experience in the service of homeowner’s associations. Currently, they provide services based on proximity, knowledge of their clients´ needs, and efficient management of resources.

Thanks to this commitment to sustainability and its business culture, the company is among the 70 Spanish SMEs growing most year-on-year and, according to the British firm report, London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), is one of the 1,000 companies that inspire Europe.

This outstanding development, and its commitment to be more efficient (in the sales process) and help the communities of owners, as well as to be socially responsible with the environment, has led the company to use the digital signature services VIDsigner Bio and VIDsigner Remote integrated with Salesforce to help the property managers to speed up commercial contracts.

gashogar firma digital
GasHogar – Global Energy

The challenge: To transfer the relationship of closeness to the digital experience

To bring an efficient purchasing experience to the administrators of the communities of owners, Gashogar faced two significant challenges:

To maintain a proximity service by adapting to changes in society and new consumer habits through different acquisition channels.

To carry out a digital transformation for signing contracts
. To introduce improvements that would increase the traceability of the sales process and make it easier for written offers to be sent instantly, providing a digitalized and reliable solution for day-to-day management, thus avoiding bad practices that are unfortunately common in the sector.

"For Gashogar, it is essential to facilitate the management of the associations. That is why we looked for a solution that would allow us to be connected at all times”.

Alejandro Tejero-Garcés,
Director of Gashogar

The solution: integration of VIDsigner digital signature with Salesforce to maintain the relationship and management with the communities of owners

To deploy the service, Gashogar relied on its Salesforce-certified partner, Atlas Cloud, who designed and executed the integration between VIDsigner´s digital signature and the CRM sales processes. Alberto Marazuela, partner at Atlas Cloud, says the most important thing was to strengthen the relationship with the client that represents the company, having a 360 vision of it and its sales processes, to provide the best possible services, among which the firm of Validated ID stands out.

Thanks to their broad Salesforce experience, they solved how to visualize and trace the relationship with the final customer, from the first contact to the signing of commercial documents.

The integration with Validated ID allowed them to solve two uses of the digital signature:

- The biometric digital signature on a tablet: to support and make the in-person business relationship with property managers more robust and provide management security.
- Remote digital signature: to make it easier for property administrators to sign the offer immediately, no matter where they are, using their computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

The result: a 100% digital personalized service

The improvement in customer relations has been evident. Thanks to the integration, property managers no longer have to sign on paper, scan, and email, which has made the purchase (contracting) process more efficient. In addition, errors and losses of information in paper format are avoided, and of course, it helps the environment, which is something very important for the company.

For Gashogar´s employees, the process also has a positive impact, as they have a tool that makes their work easier and allows them to save time in filing and identifying documents that used to be done on paper.

Another strength is the total digitization of the process in Salesforce, which has allowed employees to be more efficient, have more information for decision-making, and distribute their time proactively.

Using the VIDsigner digital signature allows Gashogar to maintain an agile and secure process in all terms for commercial contracts.

VIDsigner digital signature
VIDsigner digital signature
"We've not only achieved our financial goals but also incurred in time savings for both our customers and our employees, as well as a commitment to the environment, allowing us to concentrate on our core business: marketing gas, oil, and electricity to homeowner´s associations”.

Alejandro Tejero-Garcés, Director of Gashogar
Validated ID Team