Flokk, the market leader in the field of design, development and production of furniture solutions for modern working environments in Europe, is looking back at its 40-year history. The company is a leader in developing sustainable furniture and is committed to providing design solutions that reduce environmental impact. The company distributes the brands HÅG, Offecct, Giroflex, RH, Profim, 9to5 Seating, BMA, RBM and Malmstolen. Around 2,500 employees work together to inspire dedication and passion for workplace equipment. 

Integrating the e-signature service VIDsigner with eurosignatur.de enabled Flokk to give its customers confidence and security in the contractual process.

Improvement of customer experience with time savings

Flokk - sustainable furniture and acoustic solutions in Europe
Flokk - sustainable furniture and acoustic solutions in Europe

Flokk sought an alternative to the traditional signature for dealership contracts to modernize the customer experience. Only now, a lot of paper had to be moved back and forth between the two contracting parties, mail delivery time kept increasing, and you often needed to find out where and in what status the contract was located.

This slowed down the overall process of concluding agreements and made it very difficult to track the status of the contracting process. In addition to process efficiency, Flokk's goal was to reduce the dependence on paper-based processes.

Simplification of the purchasing process

By integrating the digital signature service VIDsigner with eurosignatur.de by OPTANIUM, Flokk gained an advantage over the competition by using a centralized signature for internal use within the company and a remote signature to provide confidence and security to its customers. 

This is how the contract signing process at Flokk works: 

· Sales representatives negotiate the terms with the contractual partner and input the negotiated terms live into the system. These are sent to their supervisor for approval automatically via the tool. 
· After approval, the data in the contract template is automatically completed and sent to the customer with a remote signature. 
· Once the customer completes the signature process, the document is sent to the central signature portal of the Managing Director of Flokk for ratification. 
· After countersigning by Flokk, the customer receives a copy of the signed contract, and the original is automatically stored in the file storage system. 

Since implementing the system, according to Philipp Dicke, Country Manager for Germany & Austria, Flokk has significantly reduced process times. "OPTANIUM was very professional to work with. Despite the challenging timing, all our requirements were met, the implementation was carried out on time and within budget, and our sales team received the new tool very well.

The advantage of this tool is that I can see the status of each contract at any time."

The company manages the signing of around 600 contracts per year, from 40 to 50 pages, and has gained a clearer view of the customers and the state of negotiations.
With VIDsigner's electronic signatures, Flokk can conclude contracts promptly, whether from the home office, the work office, or on the go. No more waiting for mail deliveries, and the status of the negotiations can be viewed at any time.

VIDsigner digital signature

Today, 97% of its contracts are signed with VIDsigner. OPTANIUM CEO Marcel Nebel emphasizes the ease with which the state-of-the-art solution can be integrated into customers' workflows. It has prompted Flokk to consider exporting the model to its worldwide network of centers.

"The integration process between OPTANIUM and VIDsigner's electronic signatures is straightforward. The digital signature has become indispensable in less than a year and will be extended to other countries," said Mr. Dicke.
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