Validated ID’s efforts to improve the doctor-patient relationship through the electronic signature service VIDsigner have been recognized with the award Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution in Europe – 2019 which was given by Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine.

The healthcare sector, the management of confidential personal data as well as the user experience have undergone significant changes during the past years. Nowadays, the digitalization of documents and their digital transformation is a prerequisite for any industry. Especially the healthcare sector requires additionally an excellent user/patient experience.

We wanted to revolutionize the market with a universal solution that connects better with the user and the document
– Daniel Translateur, VP Sales Validated ID

Being awarded as one of the Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Providers in Europe recognizes the excellent user/patient experience VIDsigner offers. The electronic signature service simplifies greatly the signing process, while providing maximum legal certainty when signing informed consent forms and other confidential documents, which facilitates the doctor’s work and ensures that the patient feels comfortable with what he signs and how he signs it.

VIDsigner has already more than 500 clients in health centers and is the main electronic signature service used for signing informed consent forms thanks to its excellent legal validity and security as well as the WYSIWYS: principle: “What You See Is What You Sign” – the guarantee that what you see on the screen is exactly what you are signing.

Additionally eliminating paper consumption and instead using electronic devices such as tablets (iOS, Android, Chromebooks) is a huge plus in terms of sustainability and a trend-setting step to take for health centers, hospitals and clinics. VIDsigner is a flexible solution that offers a variety of services. “We offer different signature types for different scenarios and that’s what sets us apart from the rest,” says Daniel Translateur.

Adding Validated ID to the list of the Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Providers in Europe reflects the value of our service: putting people first.

Validated ID Team