University Hospitals San Roque is a leading network of private healthcare centres in the Canary Islands that has been in existence for over 100 years. Since its origins, it has stood out for its commitment to constant growth, the values of its human team and the incorporation of the latest technology to offer a better service to its patients, relatives and carers.

The integration of VIDsigner electronic signatures with its Hospital Information System (HIS), carried out by Inerza (Validated ID's technological partner) allowed documents to be signed in a much faster and more agile way compared to the processes that were previously carried out on paper.

Simplifying patient experience

San Roque University Hospital
San Roque University Hospital

During the patient's interaction with the staff in the centres of the Hospitales Universitarios San Roque network, daily paper-based procedures were carried out, ranging from medical prescriptions, authorisation forms from insurance companies, documents requiring the patient's signature (RGPD, informed consent, authorisations, voluntary discharges), to the delivery of medical reports with the doctor's signature or invoices.

Introducing digital transformation with confidence

Digitalisation was a fundamental pillar in order to meet important objectives. Thanks to a deployment, implemented by Validated ID's technology partner Inerza, a digital signature system was developed that ensures the provisioning of data from the Hospital Information System (HIS) for patient data, interventions and operating theatre, for example, or from the on-site care, allowing the user to fill in the data not present in the system request.

VIDsigner digital signature
VIDsigner digital signature

Currently, the centres collect two types of signatures:

A third use case they have recently deployed is the biometric signature of the GDPR document for users who come for the Covid19 Antigen Test and Covid19 PCR Test.

According to the corporate head of Quality and Data Protection at Hospitales San Roque, Fabio Colamarino: "In all these cases we have been able to confirm that the time taken to complete and sign the documents is much quicker and takes less time for the user than even the same signature that was previously carried out on paper documents".

Currently, the network generates about 3,500 documents per month, 42,000 documents per year  that's a huge ecological impact alone, not counting not counting the improvement in costs and coordination.

For Colamarino: "it is a small demonstration that provides a clear vision of what the overall project will entail once it is implemented in all areas of our centres".

The San Roque University Hospital network has securely deployed integrated document processes with electronic signatures for its patients. According to Guillermo Cedrés, Director of Human Resources at INETEL Group, formed by the companies Inerza and Contacte, "it has been a successful implementation not only for user access but also from the point of view of data storage and transmission".

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