Boston Medical Group is a world leader in men's zhealth, with a strong track record and extensive international presence. It has over 25 years of experience and is present in 9 countries. Canada, the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany and Spain have had the opportunity to treat more than 1,500,000 patients and achieve 95% patient satisfaction. This percentage has been critical to this center's success and growth, especially in medical care.

Optimizing the patient experience: digital innovation at the service of well-being

The Boston Medical Group Mexico headquarters has positively impacted many people's lives, providing quality, safety, and privacy in patient care.

The optimization of documentary processes related to the patient's history is a crucial aspect of guaranteeing efficient and accurate care. For this, it is essential that the way to manage the documents is correct, facilitates coordination between health professionals, and ensures the confidentiality of sensitive patient information. This includes implementing electronic medical record management systems, digitizing paper documents, establishing storage protocols, and securing access to information, among other aspects.

The challenge

Boston Medical Group

To prevent accidents and risks, Boston Medical Group Mexico decided to improve how documents are signed, so they opted to find a digital solution that would allow them to sign and store them easily, safely, reliably, and without risk.

From the beginning, they were clear that they had to meet the needs of the patient and, at the same time, face three significant challenges:

  • Streamline document procedures: They proposed to optimize the processes for signing and managing documents, especially informed medical consent.
  • Reduce the risk of document loss: Aware of the importance of the information in medical documents, they took steps to minimize the risk of loss.
  • Offer greater security and privacy to the patient: They needed to implement robust protocols and security measures to ensure the confidentiality of the information and that they comply with current rules and regulations regarding privacy and data protection.

VIDsigner digital signature

The solution

Boston Medical Group in Mexico faced several challenges optimizing the patient's history document process. To tackle this, they partnered with ThinkSmart, a top Mexican company specializing in digital document management. ThinkSmart provided the best solution to enhance the document process and overcome the challenges.

The solution that best adapted was VIDsigner BIO from Validated ID, the electronic signature on a tablet for face-to-face situations, which collects the complete biometric information of the signatory during the signing process (pressure, inclination, speed, etc.) and gathers the same evidence used by a calligraphic expert. Physicians continue to use your hospital management system in the same way without the need for significant changes. This solution allows the digital and classified storage of the entire documentary file related to the patient's history.

"Our hospital has made significant progress in document management after implementing biometric signatures. This technology has enabled us to expedite processes, decrease paper usage, and enhance efficiency in caring for our patients. We are pleased to offer this innovative solution that continuously advances the quality and safety of our healthcare services".

Enrique Palmero, Director of Technology (CTO) at Boston Medical Group Mexico

The result

Initially, the medical staff used VIDsigner for patients to sign medical consents and medical consultations. Still, given its success, its use has been extended to the administrative area for accepting card payments, which reduces the possibility of fraud or identity theft in the payment process.

La implementación de las firmas digitales VIDsigner de Validated ID, además de abordar estos desafíos, ha permitido obtener otros beneficios adicionales: With the integration of Validated ID's VIDsigner digital signatures, not only have the challenges been tackled, but also other significant advantages have been achieved:  

  • Storage space savings: Reduce the need for physical space to store documents, thus optimizing facilities and using available resources better. 
  • Energy and paper printing savings: Reduce reliance on printing paper documents and energy consumption and costs associated with printing and paper use.
Since its implementation, more than 9,000 documents have been signed digitally. This has meant greater efficiency of processes and resources, improved patient safety and privacy, and excellent environmental protection.
Validated ID Team