James and Uzzell are a forward-thinking accountancy, audit, tax, and management consultancy firm based in the UK. Established in 1979, they pride themselves on developing long-standing relationships and believe that providing a competent, high-quality personal service is the key to doing just that.

James and Uzzell
James and Uzzell

The firm is always looking to use technology to give a better experience for their clients while improving the security and compliance of their documents and procedures. They recognized that there was still essential documentation that needed regular signatures based on traditional paper workflow, and this was time-consuming for their clients, so they decided to develop a plan for the future.

Turn around documents in minutes in-person or remotely

James and Uzzell talked to theirDocument Solutions partner Infinity Document Solutionsabout how to give their customers the modern experience they expected and make J&U more efficient in processing accounts. Until that moment, the signature processes required that the clients either post the documents back or drive to their offices to sign all the documentation. They decided to switch to a fully digital experience for boosting agreements remotely with legal security by using thesend2sign solution for sending and tracking, integrated with Validated ID’swide range ofsignatures VIDsigner.

VIDsigner digital signatures
VIDsigner digital signatures

The platform send2sign presented three key benefits for their purposes: First, it enabled their accountants tochoose from existing forms and attach any document they may need for their clients.Second, for VIDsigner remote signatures, the process was dramatically speeded up: the clients would receive a secure email that they can open on any device, receive a PIN via SMSas a second authentication factor, and sign with quick clicks. Finally, their accountants could check the status of each document in real-time on their dashboardso they would know when clients had signed.

Save valuable time in tax season

The send2sign platform and its integration with Validated ID electronic signatures allows J&U customers to sign securely and quickly by their own means through their

cell phone, or at their offices with an approved Tablet.

Since the implementation of send2sign, James and Uzzell has significantly reduced the pressure on time-critical deadlines such as tax processes while ensuring the highest legal standards that protect their clients, according to its Director, Emma Hughes.

“We like the ease of use and robust security and certification that the system gave us. Send2sign has allowed us ensure that all of our clients tax returns are completed in a timely fashion”

Before send2sign, James & Uzzell needed to establish face-to-face meetings with customers, which has had obvious challenges over the last 12 months, however now that their docoumentation can be signed digitally their processes have speeded up enormously.

Plus, when they use send2sign, their documents are saved electronically and retain an audit trail for added transparency, as Infinity Document Solutions’ Sales Director, Gareth Williams, points out.

"Infinity has a great deal of experience in creating digital workflows and electronic document management for our customers and digital signatures are an additional tool that can help our customers become more efficient and compliant and improve the speed in which they can receive and process key critical documentation”.

Electronic signatures are also a large area to help our customers to become more efficient and compliant.

Validated ID Team