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What is a centralized signature?

Centralized signature is especially designed for internal company users who require a large number of documents requiring signatures and allows you to use a digital certificate from any device.

Centralized digital signature ensures secure custody of cryptographic keys on HSM servers and, if required by the signatory, qualified signatures can be generated through a European Qualified Trust Service Provider.


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How does centralized signature work?

The centralized signing process in 3 simple steps:
1. Authentication
The user simply accesses the application and signs in with
their credentials.
2. Review pending documents
From the administration panel, review the documents that
are awaiting signatures. You can sign them one by one or
select multiple files to sign in bulk.
3. Sign the document with digital certificate
To sign the document, select the certificate you want to sign
and enter your PIN code.


Internal company users
Sign from any device
Qualified signature
Secure key storage and HSM certification
Supports signing documents in batches

Examples of using centralized signature

Health Sector
Electronic prescriptions, medical documentation in hospitals, clinics and home visits.
Sales contracts, opening of accounts, financing agreements (loan/lease), rental and loan agreements.
Human Resources
Documentation of internal rules, employment contracts, ERTES, teleworking agreements, or any type of labor documentation.
Public Administration
Administrative inspections, social services,...
Payment approvals, signing of delivery notes and invoices, as well as other documents.
Banking and insurance
Immediate closure of health questionnaires, insurance policies, legal protection agreements for personal data, SEPA mandates, among others.

What security does centralized signature offer?

The European ElDAS regulation allows electronic signature mechanisms based on storage of digital certificates by the trusted service provider.
VIDsigner provides a secure custody cloud service for keys hosted on Microsoft Azure certified HSMS (Key Vault) . Safety and simplicity finally together.

Why choose VIDsigner Centralized?

With the centralization of digital keys and certificates, the complexity of generating signatures is delegated to the service provider. The user simply has to authenticate to the service and sign the pending documents. This electronic signature allows you to sign documents from anywhere via an app from your smartphone/tablet devices or via a web page from your PC, laptop or mobile device. 
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