Electronic seal for automatic online processes
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What is Stamper?

In certain unassisted processes, such as the issuing of electronic invoices or the stamping of administrative bodies, automatic signatures are required without the need for user intervention.

VIDsigner Stamper supports company seal certificates or public administration issued by major certification services providers and is combinable and compatible with all other forms of signature.


Seal model defined in eIDAS
Secure custody of signature key
Automated administrative action (Law 40/2015)
Unassisted signatures without intervention
Multi-service provider

Examples of the use of Stamper signature and its security

Automated in-company signature

Enables document signing in non-face-to-face environments totally unassisted from a hosted and guarded digital certificate remotely in mere procedural acts such as the signing of electronic invoices,signing payrolls or formalization of offers, among others.

Success story

We currently use VIDsigner Stamper for automated signing of electronic invoices, which has allowed us to process up to 1,000 invoices per month with minimal integration.
Andrés Martín Edo
CEO at Freematica
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