Digital identity is certainly not a new challenge. Since the beginning of the online revolution, the secure validation of the real identity of people in the digital environment has presented itself as a problem – both for users, who have seen their privacy and control over their personal data eliminated and for companies, who are constantly suffering the cost of inefficient identification and repeated security breaches.

With VIDchain, we offer a decentralized Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) based on Blockchain, helping people to regain control over their digital identity and facilitate secure user access to online services.

Our solution for the validation of digital identities and attributes, operating in compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and with impact on the onboarding processes of customers, KYC and AML, has been awarded first place in the accelerator of Cuatrecasas and Telefónica and also first place in the project competition of Alastria Open Call Cataluña, consortium leader for Blockchain in Spain.

Currently we are working with national and international partners such as Sovrin, DIF, and Alastria with the aim to create an open ecosystem of decentralized identity accessible to everyone.


For individuals, full control over your identity and your data:

  • More secure: Thanks to Cryptography and Blockchain your identity is always protected.
  • More simple: Validate your digital identity with whoever in an easy way.
  • More universal: Based on standards that eliminate the need for hundreds of credentials.

For businesses, improve access for your users:

  • More efficient: Improve processes and reduce costs for identity verification.
  • More secure: Implement secure identification processes and improve anti-fraud measures in compliance with eIDAS and the GDPR

use cases

  • Universities: Allows students to interact with multiple education centers for enrollment and homework.

  • E-commerce: Streamlines and improves the security of purchasing processes.

  • Financial Services: Optimizes the processes of onboarding, KYC and AML with legal security.

  • Public Administration: Offers high-level solutions for remote digital identification.