aims to enhance the technologies provided by EBSI, and further implement new capabilities to achieve the self-sovereign identity paradigm in the educational and social security context.


Key Project Drivers

Validated ID, EBSI VECTOR consortium

The Project

The EBSI-VECTOR (EBSI-enabled Verifiable Credentials and Trusted Organisations Registries) project aims to introduce self-sovereign identity principles into European education and social security. It involves 52 partners from 20 countries to simplify digital interactions for citizens, enhance verification processes for organizations, and expand the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) capabilities in areas like decentralized identity and revocation functionality. Business needs and input from education, social security policy, and business entities drive the project.  

It focuses on scaling up EBSI's capabilities across countries, fostering coordination and support, and promoting the use of verifiable credentials for privacy-friendly interactions between citizens and organizations. Additionally, it collaborates with other European projects and initiatives to offer an integrated digital solution for citizens and organizations.


  • Develope new EBSI capabilites
  • Enhance and test existing EBSI capabilities
  • Ensure interoperability within the ecosystem
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