Government of La Rioja

Provides a customized environment that demonstrates a complete SSI system, enabling the issuance of verifiable credentials, use of VIDwallet, and access to a verification portal.

Government of La Rioja

Key Project Drivers

Validated ID, EBSI, The Government of La Rioja

The Project

This project seeks to maintain privacy by ensuring that checks and verifications do not allow credential holders to be tracked or force them to reveal more private information than is necessary.  

A beneficial aspect of the Verifiable Credentials standard is that the parties undertake the roles of Issuer, Holder, or Verifier. Still, they are not constrained in how many roles or when to employ them. Each party can be a device, a person, or an institution, meaning that verifications can take place directly between automated systems, even verifying that each other is genuine before establishing a connection to share data, for example, after confirming a user’s credentials a government department can become an issuer, giving a citizen a new government-issued verifiable credential. 

The Verifiable Credentials standard has the potential to become the de facto standard for addressing the digital identity challenges in the public sector and far beyond.  


  • Issue special verifialbe credentials using VIDcredentials Studio.  
  • Build a decentralized identity solution.
  • Create verifiable cross-border services for public administrations through SSI.
  • Become the de facto credentials mechanism for public sector services in the future.
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