Creates a credential system that relies on reliable sources to establish the identity of the patient in person. The patient can now use the credential to get access to rooms by opening doors using VIDwallet.


Key Project Drivers

Validated ID, Common Management Solutions

The Project

CEMTRO Clinic utilizes VIDchain to enable the center to issue reusable credentials after a patient identification process. These credentials can then be used to securely log in to the patient portal, using a password-less two-factor authentication, and for getting access to hospital rooms.  

Patients will be able to perform several actions within the portal, including downloading diagnostic tests and accessing medical history.

  • As a user, you can expect a new user experience that eliminates the need to remember passwords. You can easily manage your credentials and the system knows which credentials to share if you have multiple.  
  • As for system managers, the security and identity and access management processes are top priority. The authentication process is secure without the need for key recovery management. You can also require verification of attributes in addition to identity. The system is compliant with GDPR regulation.


  • Build a decentralized identity solution for CEMTRO.
  • Establish a face-to-face (F2F) onboarding process using VIDcredentials Studio.
  • Onboarding process utilizing VIDsigners Biometric Signature.
  • VIDcredentials Studio integration with SAP.
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