EWC - EU Digital Identity Wallet Consortium

The EU Digital Wallet Consortium (EWC) will transform how we deal with digital identity and travel – such as providing passenger information, buying goods and services, and trusted B2B interactions.

EWC - EU Digital Identity Wallet Consortium

Key Project Drivers

Validated ID

The Project

The EU Digital Wallet Consortium (EWC) is a collaborative initiative aimed at harnessing the advantages of the proposed EU digital identity, specifically in the form of Digital Travel Credentials, across all Member States as well as the organizational digital identity.  

The EWC's primary objective is to enhance the Reference Wallet Application for Digital Travel Credentials, anticipating the need for multiple Electronic Attestations of Attributes and Credentials, involving both the private and public sectors.

Comprising representatives from all 27 Member States and partners from other countries, the EWC possesses a unique capacity to issue Person Identification Data (PID) for individuals and legal entities. Moreover, the EWC is keen on leveraging its expertise in user privacy and control in the development and implementation of these digital identity solutions.


  • Design, implement and test new QEAA issuing and verification service.
  • Design, implement and test new QES signing services utilizing the identity wallet.
  • Interoperability tests on created services and the wallet.
  • Offer new trust services to the customers.
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