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What is E-Delivery?

The VIDsigner E-Delivery service is the digital alternative to burofax and certified postal mail, which allows greater agility and security with lower costs. From a legal standpoint, it provides a guarantee in the event of a dispute that the recipient has received an electronic notification.

The evidence report certifying that the file has been delivered collects all the information necessary to confirm that the recipient has received the email, origin and date of submission, as well as the actions that have been taken.

VIDsigner acts as a Trust Service Provider in compliance with European Regulation No. 910/2014 on Electronic Identification (eIDAS).


How does E-Delivery work?

The process of reliable communications in 4 simple steps:

You can access the service manually through the web console or by integration via the Rest API.

Send reliable communications by email
Reliable email communications

Once registered, simply enter the signer's information as well as their mobile phone number and email address and upload the file you want to send.

You can decide whether you want the signatory to receive a copy of the document as an email attachment after viewing it; check the "Reminder" option if you want the email to be sent more than once until the signatory opens the email; and enable the "Save data" option if you want to send a new email next.


The signer receives your reliable communication by email and clicks to access the content. The protocol records two steps: your email address and the mobile phone number on which you will receive a one-time password that you receive to access the file.

E-delivery reliable communications
Reliable communications process

This panel provides legal proof of when and where an electronic communication was sent, received and opened:

E-mail has been read: If the recipient has opened the email informing them that they have received a reliable communication.
Click on the link: If the recipient has tried to access the file.
SMS sent: If the recipient has received the SMS to collect the communication.

OTP used: If the recipient have used the password via SMS to open the documentation.

Downloaded Document: If downloaded upon reading.

The advantages of reliable email communications

VIDsigner E-Delivery allows you to have a reliable electronic communication with full legal validity of your notifications, with a report of where it is sent from, where and who receives it, as well as the content and status of the communication step by step. This service is faster and more efficient than any other traditional paper-based method.
Probative value: In process evidence accumulation
Improved email delivery tracking
Alternative/supplement to burofax
No need to download anything from anywhere
Lower costs and greater control of communications

Examples of use of certified email

Change of address, Notification of penalties and fines
Rate changes, Bill collection / recovery, Notice of interest on arrears, Withdrawal of contracts (business, rental, purchases, etc.)
Human Resources
Contract Notifications (High, Low, Dismissals, ERTEs), Changes in terms of contract
Banking and Insurance
Acceptance of Debitions (SEPA), Debreaches of Intellectual Property Rights, Debt Claims
Deliveries or pickups

What security does E-Delivery offer?

VIDsigner E-Delivery reliable communications provide a guarantee in case of dispute that the recipient has received an electronic notification. It's easy to use and much more convenient and affordable.
This service is faster and more efficient than any other traditional paper based method.
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