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Oftalmoclinic is a comprehensive management software for opticians and eye clinics of all sizes. It was born to revolutionize the sector because it is accompanied by the latest technologies from the world of free software. It is the achievement of an in-depth analysis by different experts from around the world, to provide a solution to the needs of the most demanding ophthalmology clinics, in terms of clinical management and decision-making support. You are accompanied at all times by our team of experts who, if required, will model it to suit your needs because there are no limits to your ability to adapt.

Main Characteristics

  • You will be able to receive different opportunities that come from any channel, to manage your status at all times.
  • In this module you can record and manage the entire succession of steps that are carried out from the moment a budget is created, from an opportunity, until an effective sale of the product or service is achieved.
  • Module in charge of generating and liquidating the commissions of the personnel.
  • In this module, the entire process will be managed from when there is a need for the company, until it acquires the product or service necessary for the development of its activity.
  • From the inventory module it will be possible to carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the products that are stored in the organization, either in different clinics, warehouses or locations.
  • The billing module will allow the generation of invoices autonomously or from orders.
  • Oftalmoclinic comes with an accounting module capable of covering all the needs of the company in this matter.
  • From the employee module you can manage the information related to your departments and staff.
  • Module that aims to assess the satisfaction shown by their customers regarding the provision of their services.

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