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With our service, you can easily create and sign digital documents within various CRM solutions. Use customized word templates that include specific details about your clients, leads, and contacts. You can send a variety of documents, such as NDAs, offers, contracts, SEPA mandates, and more directly from your CRM. You can also set up automated reminders and update the sales stage once the document has been signed. Additionally, all documents will be logged in your accounts, opportunities, leads, and contacts for easy reference.

Main Characteristics

Use case 1: You log in to Salesforce, pick an opportunity, select the “ELSA” tab, pick the template “Contract,” enter the negotiated rates, and hit “Send.” When the client has signed, the salesforce opportunity stage changes to “closed won,” and a follow-up process gets automatically triggered. The client gets regular reminders every few days while his signature remains outstanding. In case the signature is not made, salesforce is updated accordingly.

Use case 2: A prospect opens your NDA webform, enters his data, and clicks “Send.” A prepared word template is filled from the web data, conditional paragraphs/tables/ images are inserted according to the form data, and the customized document is sent to the client for signature. You get a copy of the signed document in your inbox and your document archive.

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