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DocShare by Konica Minolta
Digital Signature Platform
Professional document management solution created by Konica Minolta in which a company can have all its documents in a single repository and can also have automated workflows for document approval .

Main Characteristics

Main Features:
  • Professional management of your company's digitized documents
  • Automate the workflows and document processes of your company's departments
  • Facilitate access to documents and collaboration between work teams
  • Protect information and comply with strict GDPR regulations
  • Bidirectionally relate your documents and processes with the rest of your company's applications, such as your ERP
  • Space-saving storage for paper files
  • Save time on repetitive data entry tasks over and over again
  • Avoid human errors in data entry
  • Avoid wasting time looking for documents
  • Documents organized by categories/sections
  • Quickly locate archived documents
  • Eliminate duplicate and scattered documents in different locations
  • Eliminate paper documents
  • Sign documents electronically
  • Increase the security of access to documents
  • Work in a collaborative environment
  • Protect information
  • Free up space
  • Centralize access to documents
  • Find documents quickly

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