The Spanish company Clinics, specialists in the integral management of clinics, is now collaborating with Validated ID to simplify the procedures and management of dental centers while eliminating paper in the process of signing documents.

Digitalisation in the sector of healthcare is no longer a vision of the future. In fact, hospitals, health centers and now dental clinics are relying on the digital transformation of all their processes.

Validated ID and Clinics offer dental clinics not only the possibility of improving their bureaucratic processes and minimizing their administrative effort, but also obtaining the consent of patients through the use of an electronic signature and this with full legal validity.

The dental clinic Orthoclinic, with centers in Reus and Tarragona, is a prime example of the digitalisation that the dental sector is currently undergoing. Nowadays, these dental clinics are a reference in the region not only because of their excellent services, but also for being modern and “paperless”. Both apply the latest technologies in the management of the center, the workflow as well as the documentation: digital X-rays, guided surgeries, electronic signatures and also apps for patients, to only name a few.

How does a paperless clinic work?

One of the characteristics that define these centers is that they are digital clinics, both in terms of the processes concerning the patients as well as the overall management of the centers.

“As soon as a patient enters one of our clinics, a coordinator receives him or her, showing a digitised health questionnaire, which is first completed and then electronically signed by the patient. Once the patient enters the box, he is attended with all the means available in digital form, like digital tacs and x-rays, among others. From there we use our software to create the diagnosis, and afterwards the treatment plan and the quote. After explaining the steps of the treatment to the patient, he or she agrees with them as well as with the quote for the treatment plan – directly via an electronic signature on the tablet. This enables us to fully digitize our administration,”  

- Dr. Feliu, head of the dental clinic Orthoclinic.

Due to the integration of Validated ID’s signature software VIDsigner Bio in Clinics, patients can now digitally sign the following documents:

  • GDPR Consent
  • Informed consent for treatments
  • Health questionnaires: ensuring the veracity of the data provided by the patient
  • Quotations

The use of the signature software is very simple: Clinics generates the document and sends it directly to the tablet with the VIDsigner app. The patient reads the document on this tablet and signs it with a handwritten signature. In the final step, Clinics saves the signed document in the patient’s digital file. No paper is being used during the entire process, since each step is 100% digital.

What are the benefits of electronic signatures for dental clinics?

Thanks to the integration of this technology into the sector, many clinics are able to save time (it is no longer necessary to manage or store documents), money (paper, ink and storage for files) and streamline internal processes, as documents can now be created, signed and stored with a single click. And all this while guaranteeing security, legal validity and legal compliance in one handwritten signature.

The use of VIDsigner helps clinics to avoid generating paper, which does not only make processes more efficient, but is also beneficial for the environment. For the clinics this new technology represents a clear step forward in the management of visits, patient files, billing and communication, while allowing patients to sign documentation anytime, anywhere with all the legal guarantees.

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Validated ID Team