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“I find it incredible that we are celebrating 10 years since the company was founded"

commented Santi Casas, CEO and one of the founders of Validated ID. This project was born with great enthusiasm, but they were not clear about what the result would be. The four founders: Santi Casas, Iván Basart, Jaume Fuentes and Fernando Pino today remember that they have gone through difficult and happy times, but they are very proud of what they have achieved so far and, above all, of the people who have made this company successful.

Founders of Validated ID

We cannot talk about the history of this decade without referring to the achievements and lessons learned since they have been a fundamental part of our growth. At Validated ID we have gone from 5 employees since its foundation to more than 50 today, located not only in Spain but also in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ecuador, Israel and Turkey. On the other hand, thanks to the more than 200 allies that offer our digital signature, we currently serve clients in more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. As a result of this effort and collaboration, we have provided more than 20 million signatures worldwide since our humble beginnings, with a constant growth and a permanent innovation in our trusted services.

Our commitment at Validated ID since it was founded is to provide the best digital identity and signature solutions with the aim of maximizing our clients' productivity and reducing environmental impact. On the other hand, we work hard to establish ourselves as leaders both nationally and internationally through VIDsigner, VIDidentity and SP4i. We continue to work with the same passion as always in order to achieve new goals that drive us to the top.

Our core values ​​guide us in our work

Our main values ​​guide us in our work: autonomy, as we help individuals and organizations to empower themselves and achieve better results; teamwork, since we know that achievements are always the result of people; the personalization of our services, because no two people or two companies are the same; simplicity, since the key to our success has always been to create services that are easy to use; and, finally, security, since as service providers that handle sensitive information, we understand that security is key to offer peace of mind to both our customers and suppliers.

With VIDsigner, our first service, we want to offer the security that the traditional electronic signature gives us together with the new possibilities offered by the latest generation of touchscreen devices. VIDsigner, together with our electronic invoicing service SP4i, are our commitment to achieve "zero paper" in organizations. As Confucius said "Study the past to design the future". And with VIDchain, our mission is to foster a digital world where trust, privacy and security prevail to make our daily lives easier.

The commemoration of this birthday is a source of pride for all of us and coincides with a difficult moment worldwide to which we have been able to adapt and see opportunities where there were obstacles. On the other hand, we remain firm in our commitment to digitization as a tool to create a sustainable planet.

Today, we want to celebrate our ten years, reflecting on what we have accomplished and anticipating the future, because we are sure that there will be many more to come. As a result, we want to reaffirm our commitment to our objectives and mission. Moreover, we strive to improve our operations to ensure a prosperous future for our customers and partners.

Because the past is written in stone, we wish to say farewell with what we have in our hands: the future. As the title of this post says, 'the best is yet to come' and it will come from all of you, our team at Validated ID as well as VIDsigner , VIDchain and SP4i.

Many thanks to the entire team and partners for your dedication, performance and passion. Without you, we would not have been able to celebrate this anniversary.

Validated ID Team