Validated ID is pleased to announce that we’ll work in cooperation with the global alliance network of SAP channel partners, United VARs, to support worldwide their digital offices with our electronic signature services, VIDsigner.

This collaboration will help United VARs to digitally sign all the annual contracts among their 50 partners and over 90 countries.

Validated ID is a leading solutions provider in digital signatures for SAP customers

This is a great opportunity also for Validated ID and the possibility of providing the highest quality services to SAP clients around the world, whatever their size and their business.

We’re deeply committed to providing the most innovative solutions in digitalization for our clients. We’re committed to providing flexible digital signature solutions for every country in the world response to any customer challenge.

- Santi Casas, Validated ID’s CEO

Validated ID will be attending, from April 21st – 23rd, to United VARs Annual Conference for its members in Wiesloch (Germany) which expects 100+ people from United VARs members (C-Level and upper management) to participate. This is an amazing project to be a part of, and we look forward to closer cooperation with the United VARs global solution partners.

About United VARs

United VARs is the leading alliance of SAP solution providers for the mid-market. It consists of 50 market-leading VARs operating in over 90 countries. 10,000 certified SAP consultants serve over 8,000 customers worldwide. To guarantee the very best services to SAP customers, potential United VARs member companies must ensure, through research and consultation with SAP that they are among the very best in their regions. United VARs members count on multi-industry expertise in over 150 SAP industry solutions and 250 add-ons and have global access to the full SAP portfolio. Focusing on the collaboration among United VARs members, the alliance’s competences concentrate on international SAP rollouts, ERP optimization projects, and cross-border nearshoring. A “cultural fit” can be ensured, thanks to the knowledge about national business rules, regulations, laws, and languages. Local and legal requirements are met on-site, and United VARs customers can count on tailored local services and support to enter new markets almost everywhere in the world, supported by global project teams following established international project standards and well-proven procedures.

Validated ID Team