Finis Terrae University has 33 years of history and has trained nearly 13,000 professionals in the educational sector who have become agents of change in society. The university has 9 faculties and 4 campuses. The total number of employees at the university is around 700, including administrative and academic staff.

 Finis Terrae University
Finis Terrae University

The challenge: the need for an agile and reliable online registration process

Traditional signature methods

Before, students had to physically go to the university premises to sign the documentation, which was inconvenient and required more time to complete the legal procedures. If they did not attend the appointment, all the functions were paralyzed until they could make a new appointment, which delayed the registration deadlines. On the other hand, prior to integrating VIDsigner, practitioners needed help organizing document registration and storage, which was costly and led to crowding. The university needed an easier way for their students to sign the paperwork without them having to be physically present.

The solution

After evaluating several solutions, they realized that they needed a solution that was reliable and, above all, adapted to their existing processes, requiring a low learning curve so that their employees could reap the benefits immediately.

The previous analysis of the university highlighted the importance of comprehensive development, legal certainty, and reliability. Validated ID stood out among the available options for its legal reliability, ensuring that the signatory can clearly understand what they are signing and provides evidence confirming their identity. The resulting electronic signature is just as good as a handwritten signature on paper, if not better.

Allow the signing of license plates without displacements
" As an institution, we were faced with the challenge of carrying out the registration process completely online and at the same time reducing paper consumption and waiting times. For us, it was important to comply with all processes as planned. This was a goal for a long time, and finally, we found the right solution with Despapeliza, thanks to the easy integration provided by the VIDsigner signature".
Andres Hurtado, Head of Enrollment and Collection at Finis Terra University

Thanks to the REST API, the integration process with VIDsigner is efficient and easy. The remote signature allows the university to automate a secure evidence collection system while ensuring security through double validation via email and OTP (One Time Password). This simplifies the signing process for employees and students, integrating it into the existing work process and making it comfortable and intuitive thanks to the simple steps it requires and through any device (PC, tablet, or smartphone).

The result

The implementation of the VIDsigner electronic signature through Despapeliza has greatly improved academic processes at the university, benefiting both the administrative department and the students. By eliminating waiting queues and ensuring easy access to information, services are now faster and of higher quality. This advance has also contributed to improving the reputation of its faculties.

VIDsigner digital signatures
VIDsigner digital signatures

VIDsigner, from Validated ID, has allowed us to obtain several benefits:

  • ‍ Manage any academic procedure 100% digitally: signing registrations, internship agreements, and any other procedure.
  • Automation of all academic management processes and saving storage spaces.
  • ‍ Energy savings and paper printing: decreased dependence on paper and reduction of costs associated with printing.
  • Maximum legality and data protection: reducing the risk of access to personal data by people outside the academic management department.  
"VIDsigner has positively impacted our registration process and has received positive feedback from students and internal faculty staff, so we hope to continue working with Despapeliza in the future".
Andres Hurtado, Head of Enrollment and Collections at Finis Terra University

In view of the success obtained, Finis Terrae University seeks to expand to other areas.
Since its implementation, a multitude of documents have been successfully signed. This has translated into greater efficiency of processes and resources, improved student security and privacy, and greater environmental protection.

Validated ID Team