Forget tedious and expensive certified postal communications and conventional email; they could be more reliable. Our innovative, reliable communication system provides the necessary guarantees and legal validity.  

What is reliable communication?

Reliable communication certifies the document's delivery, content, and address in real-time and with legal validity. It offers guarantees similar to a certified notification on paper – such as a certified letter or a burofax (A burofax is popular in Spain to send a secure document recognized in a court or by a third party).

An essential tool for any company today that seeks to streamline processes and optimize resources through digitization.

An essential tool for any company today that seeks to streamline processes and optimize resources through digitization.

Reliable communications demonstrate that a document has been sent and received correctly and its content has not been altered. Reliable communications are usually used when a professional is informed of contractual or working conditions changes and for sending invoices, budgets, or claims.

It's essential to resort to communication that can be proved in cases like these:

Regulatory compliance:
  • GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation: Data processing policy and obtaining express consent.
  • Sending pre-contractual information: Insurance policies, loans, commercial contracts, etc.
  • Management of Delinquency / Debt notifications: Sending of default notifications, reliable notifications to debtors, including delinquency file and replacement of the Burofax.
  • ERTEs / EREs communications: Reliable notification to employees, unions, etc.
  • Corporate: Calls, changes in the shareholding, compliance with the partners' agreement, etc.
Record of communications in different areas:
  • Legal: Notifications between lawyers, judicial proceedings, notices, attorneys' minutes, calls for meetings, claims, notification of contractual termination, notification of a request for contract modification, notification of extrajudicial payment requirement, etc.
  • HR: Notifications of changes in working hours or salary changes, notification of the receipt of payroll, notification of dismissal, internal complaints channel, contracts, etc.
  • Commercial: Sending contracts and agreements, price proposals, renewals, cancellations, notification of change of owner, notification of special contracting conditions, notification of delivery of post-sale technical documentation, etc.
  • Insurers: Notification of cancellation of services, policies, contracts, a notice of policy renewal, notification of rejection of coverage, non-payment claims, etc.
  • Real estate: Notification of termination of the rental contract, notification of non-payment, notification of pre-judicial negotiation, etc.

Traceability is essential for several reasons:

  • Monitoring: If the Recipient still needs to open the email, they can send a follow-up email or make a phone call to ensure they received the message.
  • Confirmation: For legal or contractual situations, providing evidence that the email was sent and received can be crucial in case of disputes or legal proceedings.
  • Security: To view the location or device and prevent a possible security breach or unauthorized access to the email account.
Using email tracking tools ethically and complying with privacy laws and regulations is essential.

E- Delivery: certified communications with VIDsigner

It is increasingly important to record that the contact has been made reliably. Choosing a secure platform to validate and monitor this sending and receiving process is necessary.

Validated ID, a Trusted Service Provider, has developed E- Delivery to do this. This secure and affordable platform helps determine if a person has received an electronic document that replaces or complements the more traditional and expensive methods, such as a letter delivered by hand, a telegram, a burofax, or a notarial conduit.

The most significant advantage of the Certified Electronic Notification offered by E-Delivery is that, due to its ease of use and low cost, processes can be certified with evidence with full legal validity that can be used in a trial, increasing the security of the operations and reducing risks.

E-Delivery reliable communication

Most important advantages of E-Delivery  

  • Full legal validity in communications via registered email.
  • More economical than the traditional burofax.
  • Custody and certification of sent communications.
  • Verifiable proof of sending, delivery date and time, content, and access evidence.
  • It is not possible to modify the content of sent communications.

Additional advantages: 

  • Simple. The process is straightforward; in a few steps (no more than 1 minute), you will have sent your certified email to the Recipient, being able to also certify receipt of it by adding or not attaching files.  
  • Immediate. Savings in message delivery times. The shipment is made on the spot. The communication will be delivered to its addressee without waiting hours/days.
  • Shipping from any time and place. Access to the platform is unlimited and 100% online.
  • Sustainable. 100% online, both the process and the statement, thus avoiding the paperwork.  

E-Delivery Control Panel

From the home panel, the user can view all the shipping statuses and the following data:

  • Document name
  • Send Date and Time
  • Expiration Date and Time
  • Addressee
  • Document Status
  • Actions: If the notification has been sent to email, if the email has been opened, if the email has been clicked, if the OTP(SMS) has been sent, whether the notification has been opened, whether the notification has been downloaded, download evidence: clicking on this option will download a PDF with the evidence available up to the time of notification, delete/Send a reminder.
E-Delivery reliable communications

E- Delivery tracks that the Recipient has received the notification, that the content has been accessed, and that it has not been modified since it was sent (Date, Time, Place, and Method). On the other hand, it can easily integrate with various workflow management platforms, facilitating all the company's document management. It is available in 7 languages: Spanish, English, Catalan, French, German, Dutch, and Portuguese.  

Reliable communications with full legal guarantee

Validated ID is a Qualified Trust Service Provider by the European Union, regulated by the eIDAS Regulation, which provides security and simplicity to electronic signature processes. All its services are certified by the ENS, ISO, and HDS, and contribute to improving processes and offering the security and confidence that companies and their clients need.

VIDsigner E-Delivery's reliable communications provide a guarantee in the event of a dispute by certifying that the Recipient has received an electronic notification. It is easy to use and much more convenient and affordable. This service is faster and more efficient than any other traditional paper-based method.

Evidence report

The evidence report certifying that the file has been delivered includes all the information necessary to corroborate that the Recipient has received the email, origin, Date of delivery, access to the notified document, and the actions carried out.

- Certified electronic notification: Date and time of sending the notification.
- Participants: Issuer, Recipient.
- Notification information: Name of the document, HASH of the document, document ID, Subject of the notification, Body of the email, Evidence of the process.
- Evidence of the process: Action performed, IP address from where the Action was performed, Date and time of the Action (Operating System, Browser, Version).

E-Delivery reliable communications

E- Delivery is the best alternative for providing evidence of delivery in a judicial process. For this reason, thanks to Validated ID, companies from all sectors and departments: Insurance companies, banks, law firms, HR, financial companies, agencies, etc., count on us to guarantee the reception of the information and provide irrefutable legal evidence in case of conflict.

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Validated ID Team