• This collaboration has allowed customers of the EsPublico Gestiona platform to simplify the signature processes in a matter of record in the Assistance Offices.
  • Additionally, the solution guarantees the documents’ integrity and legal validity; and ensures that the signer is validly identified and knows exactly what he signs.

This collaboration will allow entities to have a powerful tool with which they can facilitate their daily work, conserving all data and traceability of information and advancing in the digital transformation of public administration.

Biometric Signature Integration (Tablet) with Gestiona Espúblico.

We help Public Administrations comply with Law 39/2015. Thanks to the integration with Espúblico Gestiona, the biometric signature solution VIDsigner allows the total elimination of paper in public records.

Together for technological evolution.

Validated ID offers an ideal solution for our clients which will help transform their classic registration offices into true Assistance Offices in a matter of records.


From Validated ID,

We are delighted to collaborate with a leading partner in digital transformation such as Gestiona Espúblico, to provide a robust electronic signature to its customers. In addition, we share the same philosophy of doing the job following the highest standard of security and data protection.  

- Santi Casas, CEO of Validated ID

Validated ID offers a safe and simple service for the processes of obtaining electronic signature and verification of digital identity. Through its platform, VIDsigner offers its star solution of electronic signatures for any type of scenario, from face-to-face contexts through biometric signature on the tablet, to remote scenarios on smartphones and other devices.

The technology company is backed by Randstad Innovation Fund, Caixa Capital Risc, and Cuatrecasas Ventures, and is an international partner of DocuSign, OneSpan, DocuWare, and Microsoft, among others.

Validated ID and Gestiona Espúblico trust that this association generates a strong solution for the segment of entities that need a wide range of electronic signature and innovation within their digital transformation.

Validated ID Team