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Undoubtedly, the Internet and new technologies are transforming everything in their path and redefining both society and the business models of most economic sectors.

McKinsey's global survey of digital strategy shows that, in critical areas of different business models, the overall adoption of digital technologies by companies had accelerated between three and seven years in a matter of months. And in companies with the most robust technology endowments, respondents say they operate even faster.

In this digital age, innovation arises in all business areas: health, public administration, human resources, finance, logistics, salesreal estatelegaleducation, etc. And entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers, and leaders face significant digital transformation challenges.

Minimizing reliance on paperis one way to start implementing digitization in the workplace, and it doesn't have to represent a substantial collective change or investment in high-cost technology. It is an acceptable transformation through elements that speed up this change, such asdigital signatures.

Thanks to VIDsigner, the signing process can be integrated into the dynamics of any pre-existing process and does not affect the usual workflow but improves it. In this sense, digital signatures become a crucial instrument to enhance productivity and eliminate the need for paper, travel, and physical archives.

Types of VIDsigner electronic signatures adapted to different processes:

digitization with digital signature VIDsigner

Benefits of implementing VIDsigner digital signatures

  • More security: a confidential document that has been printed can be easily lost and manipulated. On the other hand, the digitalization of files gives superior control over the custody of the document and a complete auditing of its life cycle.
  • Cost savings: the elimination of paper in the company represents savings that impact: costs of consumables, printer administration, energy, productivity, and physical storing.
  • Efficiency: improves productivity in the work environment and in relationships with clients, who only have to receive the document electronically and sign it from multiple devices, be it the computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and from anywhere.
  • Sustainability: the use of paper entails greater energy consumption. Through the digitization of processes, C02 is reduced, which contributes to improving the environment.
  • Removal of physical files.
  • Automation: reduction of human errors, such as duplication or alteration of the document.
  • Improved communication with customers: thanks to personalization and real-time access to data, the expectations of customers improve, as well as leads, retention, and loyalty.
  • Tool adapted to multiple work arrangements.

We recommend these 7 steps for the digitization of your company

  1. Situation analysis: understand which business environments we will serve first and how to measure them.
  2. Planning: setting goals to assess progress during the process is imperative. It will allow us to understand which business environments we will serve first and how we will measure them.
  3. Designate the team: teach designated leaders to implement the steps and objectives of the project, as well as know how to transmit the information to each department.
  4. Fine-tune the solution: Go through the list of software programs that the organization currently uses. This makes it possible to identify the products that are now in use and the elements that need automation and an electronic signature.
  5. Training: The goal is for users to become familiar with the concepts and objectives before deploying the solution.
  6. Implementation: communicate concisely and frequently. There needs to be a well-defined timeline for the transition and a pre-trained team ready to help.
  7. Measurement: Here, we will also take the KPIs we defined in the planning phase and compare them once the solution is implemented.

The electronic signature quickly, effortlessly, and securely merges into this process.

VIDsigner is connected with +150 easy, secure and versatile software solutions.

Use cases of VIDsigner electronic signatures

digitization with digital signature VIDsigner

The digitization of processes plays a significant role in this path. That's why we have created a document that mentions all the steps businesses can take to reduce reliance on paper. With VIDsigner electronic signatures, we help you overcome this challenge and digitalize all your processes.

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