The security of cryptography and biometrics coupled with the simplicity of the handwritten signature

The Biometric Signature

VIDsigner collects biometric information from the device (speed, inclination, pressure, …) and encodes it according to the ISO/IEC 19794-7 standard. This guarantees its future expert valuation, regardless of technological evolution.
VIDsigner also has a forensic tool for the analysis and comparison of biometric signatures to facilitate the calligraph expert’s task.


Devices used must comply with mandatory requirements for the capture of necessary biometric elements. However, not all devices provide pressure information, with this being essential in reliable calligraphic valuation.
At VIDsigner we have made a commitment to use only tablets with Stylus, with the ability to record pressure and read the document in full.


VIDsigner encrypts biometric data and embeds it into the document, using a public key whose counterpart (private key) is stored in a notary’s office. In addition, to guarantee the integrity of the document, a timestamp as well as a one-time use digital certificate are used to electronically sign the document
The end result is a PDF signed in accordance with Acrobat’s long-life signature (LT) standard , which ensures its validity over time.

Did you know…?

The depositing of keys in a notary office guarantees that this sensitive information can only be deciphered upon judicial request. Future access to these keys is also guaranteed due to notary protocol.


VIDsigner is not merely a product that is simply installed in clients’ homes. Instead, VIDsigner is a service which means that as well as providing simplification of the integration process and absolute scalability, it allows us, as reliable service providers, to guarantee that the process has been executed perfectly and that the signed document is precisely the one that the signer has seen. (WYSIWYS)


Not all biometric signature solutions are the same. There are many differences:


Only provided as a service, with high levels of commitment guaranteed.


WYSIWYS guarantee (what you see is what you sign)


Hybrid system compatible with electronic signature platform based on certificates.


Long-term signature formats (PAdES)


Inclusion of VIDsigner as a Trusted Service Provider

One-time use certificates

Certificates issued by a qualified provider for each biometric signature

Easy integration

Simple integration in a matter of hours thanks to our Rest API

ISO Standards

Use of ISO standards for the creation of both biometric information and signatures

Notary Involvement

Notary involvement in the custody of encryption keys.


Use of timestamps with each signature

Level of service

We have an SLA which guarantees the highest levels of customer service.

Context Evidence

Optional use of additional elements (e.g. official documents attached)