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Solmicro EN
Solmicro is the ERP software and integrated business solutions division of the Zucchetti Group in Spain. Integrated by Solmicro, i68, IDS, Arión, Sarce, Seteco and Altai, it is the benchmark for Integrated Business Solutions providers, as it has the most advanced technological solutions in the market, and the widest range of software and hardware solutions.

Main Characteristics

  • ERP software for all types of companies with 8 specialized vertical developments for each sector.
  • Business Intelligence: quick implementation of general dashboards. Fits even the smallest of budgets.
  • ERP-CRM solutions in the cloud (pay-per-use). 1st ERP on Azure, Microsoft's cloud hosting platform (2011).
  • The leading solution in the Italian market for HR management, developed by Zucchetti Group.
  • Customized management software development engine that allows to develop and customize each ERP improving the productivity of the developments.
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