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SIGNfrom Dynamics 365
SIGNfrom Dynamics 365
SIGNfrom Dynamics 365 is a plug-in within the Dynamics 365 platform, which facilitates the use of the electronic signature in the processes carried out by this management tool (Customer Offer Management, Customer/Supplier Contracts, confidentiality, etc.). It also guarantees legal validity thanks to the services of a trusted third party that offers different ways of electronic signature: biometric, through the mobile phone with a key by SMS and with a qualified certificate installed in the cloud.

Main Characteristics

  • It is smoothly integrated into your Microsoft Dynamics management system (CRM, field services, etc.)
  • You use all the capabilities of Dynamics (document templates in Word, PDF, etc.) which, when integrated with the electronic signature, generate original electronic documents, eliminating the costs associated with physical management.
  • The user does not have to include information of any kind in the sending process, since it uses information from the management system database (signatory data, type of document/signatures, etc.) and knows the status of said document without having to consult external systems.
  • The user sends to sign electronically and with legal guarantee. In addition, this solution adapts to any signature context (face-to-face with biometrics, remote with SMS by OTP, with the signatory's own certificate, etc.)
  • The signed documents are automatically stored in the document structure used by Dynamics, in Sharepoint On Line or Azure, associated with the management system.
  • We include a secure copy of all the documents signed in the system that the client considers, thanks to a document and status downloader.
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