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Digital Signature Platform
SIGNfrom is an Addon tool within MsWord that facilitates the use of the electronic signature from the word processor, with functionalities that help the user: templates, annexes, automatic downloads. It also guarantees legal validity thanks to a trusted third party that offers different forms of electronic signature: biometric, through mobile phone with a key by SMS and with an enabled certificate installed in the cloud.

Main Characteristics

  • You can use it inside MsWord, the word processor where you create the document.
  • You do not have to fill in the data of the signatories again or login to another application or web portal.
  • You can send to sign electronically and with legal guarantee.
  • You can create custom templates from your documents.
  • You can sign one by one or multiple MsWord or PDF.
  • You can use it from management systems that generate MsWord documents.
  • You can sign documents that are automatically downloaded to static or dynamic Windows folders. And they can betaken to any management system that wants to integrate it.
  • You can create signature leaflets for assistance, training, delivery receipts, health treatments.
  • You can connect internally to the Ms SQLServer Database to locate the data of the signers such as mobile phone or email.
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