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Premium Numbers
Premium Numbers
Premium Numbers is a telecommunications operator founded in 2001 whose brand,, is one of the most advanced virtual switchboards in the market. Our mission is to reduce telephony costs, providing a solution to communications based on differentiated, innovative and quality services. We also act as a consultant. We study the global needs of each company and offer a unified quality solution at competitive costs.

Main Characteristics

  • Our services are integrated into your CRM and do not require any type of permanence.
  • Cloud services include Unified Communications: a complete panel that is managed from the cloud and whose channels are articulated with easily accessible web applications
  • We also have: Virtual Switchboard, IP Telephony, Teleworking, IP VPN Networks, SIP Trunk, Mass SMS sending, International calls, etc. with state-of-the-art technology (state-of-the-art terminals and devices). We also have the brand, one of the most advanced virtual switchboards on the market.
  • We are certified as a Means of Payment Entity and authorized by the Bank of Spain, being the only Spanish operator to have achieved this, guaranteeing that transactions with our telephone POS will be protected with tokenization technology.
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