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Solution for the computerized management of consultations and medical centers. From this platform you can define the types of documents: reports, consents, certificates, etc. Send them to be signed in person or remotely, and stored them, all automatically.

Main Characteristics

  • Manage all the work processes of a medical consultation
  • Agendas, billing, medical records, communications, actions, insurance companies
  • Patient portal
  • Waiting room manager
  • Predefined documents


  • All documents are stored on the same platform
  • We integrate the biometric signature and the remote signature
  • You can predefine the types of documents and determine that they include patient data in an automated way and thus reduce errors
  • Avoid printing times and costs in ink and paper
  • Save time scanning and storing documents
  • Send signed documents to your patients by email or post them on the patient portal to avoid unnecessary phone calls and emails.
  • Improve the image of your practice in front of your patients
  • Quickly locate documents
  • Allows you to identify who has accessed each document
  • Allows you to determine who can access documents

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