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Moose Software
"Universal" application for the signing of documents through the Remote channel, not being aimed at a specific sector. Currently being used in the commercial process, sales, property management and health sectors.

Main Characteristics

Moose2Signis a Windows Desktop application and a set of libraries that allow the integration of VIDsigner products with the DataFlex development environment in a "Fast & Easy" way with two targets:

1. As a stand alone application it allows any user to use VIDsigner out of the box. Any Windows desktop application can call it with a set of parameters for immediate use.

2. As a set of libraries it allows developers using DataFlex as a programming tool to integrate the Moose2Sign libraries into their applications and/or use the Moose2Sign source code.

The libraries consist of source code and documentation necessary for Integrators who choose to use the CONNECTOR to create DataFlex applications using VIDsigner products.

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